Department of Materials Engineering Science

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Division of Materials Physics

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In this Division, the cutting-edge studies of materials physics are performed in both experimental and theoretical fields. Along with the fundamental researches of the materials for advanced devices, studies of new materials and new phenomena, which are expected to contribute to the development of the frontier of physics, are widely carried out. The microscopic mechanisms of various interactions are investigated for a large class of materials in the bulk, surface, molecule, nanoscale and mesoscopic conditions, through new theoretical methods and models, and through the most advanced experimental methods such as synchrotron radiation spectroscopy and spectroscopy under high pressure. These results are also reflected in the development of new artificial materials of applicational interests. The characteristic feature of this Area is the broad field of researches, which covers the creation of new materials and the development of new instruments and new methods, as well as the construction of new theories to clarify unknown phenomena and predict new observations. Futhermore, this feature is directly reflected on the education of new generations of researchers and engineers.


Division of Materials Physics Area of Electron Correlation Physics Theory Group of Strongly Correlated Systems
Experiment Group for Spectroscopy of Correlated Materials
Experimental Group for Nano-spintronics
Area of Quantum Physics of Nanoscale Materials Theory Group of Quantum Information and Quantum Optics
Experiment Group of Semiconductor with Nanoscale Structure
Experiment Group of Molecular Electronics
Collaborative Chairs/Area of Quantum Science in Extreme Conditions Material Design Group
Area of Synthetic Chemistry

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