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Division of Chemistry

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Chemistry continues to be a fundamental field of science which is indispensable for the creation of materials with new functions and better performance, and is becoming more important with the advances of all fields of science and technology. Moreover, it will play a crucial role in the 21st century as a key technology to solve the important problems which confront contemporary life such as resources, environment, and energy. From these viewpoints, the Division of Chemistry is engaged in researches involving broad disciplines of chemical science and technology, including development of synthetic methods, creation of new materials with intelligent functions, and exploration of molecular organizations on surfaces as well as in biological systems in close collaboration with the Research Center for Solar Energy Chemistry. On the basis of the high level of research activities, the division is actively involved in graduate education with the focus on cultivating students' ability required not only in chemistry but also in the wide range of related fields.


Division of Chemistry Area of Synthetic Chemistry Synthetic Organic Chemistry Group
Synthetic Polymer Chemistry Group
Organometallic Chemistry Group
Area of Molecular Organization Chemistry Surface Chemistry Group
Biological Chemistry Group
Collaborative Chairs/Area of Solar Energy Chemistry Research Center for Solar Energy Chemistry, Field of Solar Energy Conversion

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