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Division of Chemical Engineering

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The Division of Chemical Engineering covers the fundamental studies on elucidation of the phenomena in chemical conversion processes, which deal with material synthesis and separation, energy conversion and storage, and design and development of functional materials with high conversion efficiencies, as well as the application studies on the development of novel industrial processes including studies on solving energy and global environmental problems. The research projects are being conducted based on the latest information in chemistry, biochemistry, physics, mathematics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, computer science and quantum science, and the final results obtained are integrated as new knowledge and methodologies, targeting the development of a sustainable society with recycle and reuse system which is friendly to environment on Earth. As the core of the research group, Program for Leading Graduate Schools "Interactive Materials Science Cadet Program", intensive researches and high-level education are being conducted to bring up young scientists and/or engineers who pioneer a new era, while keeping in close collaborations with the Research Center for Solar Energy Chemistry.


Division of Chemical Engineering Area of Chemical Reaction Engineering Nanoreaction Engineering Group
Quantum Chemical Engineering Group
Design of High Performance Catalyst Group
Area of Environment and Energy System Molecular-Aggregate Chemical Engineering Group
Transport Phenomena Control Group
Area of Bioprocess Engineering Bio-Inspired Chemical Engineering Group
Bioreaction Engineering Group
Biochemical Materials Engineering Group
Collaborative Chairs/Area of Solar Energy Chemistry Environmental Photochemical Engineering Group

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