Department of Materials Engineering Science

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Division of Frontier Materials Science

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In order to create the basic science and engineering in the twenty-first century, it is necessary to investigate the fabrication of frontier materials and their new functionality in combination with physics and chemistry, especially in the research field of nanoscale materials. In this Division, based on materials physics and molecular chemistry which have excellent theoretical and experimental frameworks, we not only investigate various kinds of electronic and optical properties of materials and their new phenomena but also fabricate new kinds of materials, thus providing active research and educational programs to graduate school students who will be able to open the frontier fields of multidisciplinary materials science and its applications as researchers and engineers of wide outlooks.


Division of Frontier Materials Science Area of Frontier Materials

Experimental Group for Molecular Electronics

Organometallic Chemistry Group

Theoretical Group for Materials Science

Theoretical Group for Photophysics in Nanomaterials
Area of Dynamics of Nanoscale Materials Experimental Group for Coherence of Nanoscale Materials
Experimental Group for Fluctuation Dynamics in Condensed Phase
Collaborative Chairs/
Area of Quantum Science in Extreme Conditions
Experimental Group for Material Science in Extreme Conditions
Collaborative Chairs/
Area of Functional Nanomaterials and Nanodevices
Experimental Group for Materials Engineering Science in Nano-structure

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