Department of Mechanical Science and Bioengineering

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Division of Nonlinear Mechanics

Research and education in the Division of Nonlinear Mechanics aim at establishing new fields of nonlinear mechanics from various mechanical phenomena and problems arising from man-made objects and/or nature, to create novel functions and machines, and at fostering students with such capabilities. Nonlinear mechanics uncover laws and principles underlying apparently complicated phenomena to describe the real world more precisely than the "linear mechanics." Specific examples span over chaos in turbulence, solitons in nonlinear waves, mesoscopic mechanics ranging from micro- to nano-scales, localization of deformation, crack, fracture and so on. The Division consists of four groups specializing thermal engineering and science, fluid mechanics, fracture mechanics and solid mechanics with contributions to energy and environmental problems, new materials, and security against failure of mechanical systems.


Division of Nonlinear Mechanics Mechanics of Fluids and Thermo-fluids Thermal Engineering and Science Group
Fluid Mechanics Group
Mechanics of Solid Materials Fracture Mechanics Group
Solid Mechanics Group

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