Department of Mechanical Science and Bioengineering

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Division of Bioengineering

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We are mainly focusing on bioengineering analyses of the structure and function of living systems in nano- to macro-scopic multiple scales and their applications to biological and medical sciences, clinical medicine, applied mechanics, and engineering. Our major research and educational fields are as follows: structural analyses, biophysics, and biomechanics of biological materials and tissues; analyses of the principles and mechanisms of biological functions, and structure-function relationships in bio-machinary units; model analyses of living systems and systemic analyses of human body motion; biomedical and biophysical measurements, biomedical photonics, and medical informatics; developments of biomaterials, artificial organs, and tissue engineering technologies; and developments of optimal design methods and techniques based on biomimetics.


Division of Bioengineering Biomechanical Engineering Biomechanics Group
Mechanical and Bioengineering Systems Group
Tissue Engineering Group
Biophysical Engineering Biophysics and Data Science Group
Bio-Dynamics Group
Biomedical and Biophysical Measurements Molecular BioMeasurement Group
Bioimaging Group

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