Department of Systems Innovation

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Division of Advanced Electronics and Optical Science

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The future prospects for society in the twenty first century is to construct a high-quality, stable network of information and energy. This division is devoted firstly to the creation and innovation of new structures, new phenomena and new functions related to electronic and photonic devices, and physical elucidation of the basic materials of the devices. Next, advanced research and development of process technology and device design are being carried out widely. Moreover, the smart system, utilizing the developed devices, has been created for the human interface. By education through this research, excellent researchers and technical experts supporting future science and civilization as well as fusion of science and technology are cultivated.


Division of Advanced Electronics and Optical Science Area of Solid State Electronics Nano-electronics Group
Optoelectronics Group
Electronic Information Device Group
Area of Advanced Quantum Devices and Electronics Advanced Quantum Device System Group
Advanced Quantum Information Device Group
Area of Optical Electronics Microwave Photonics Group
Optical and Quantum Information Science Group
Quantum electronics Group
Center for Science and Technology under Extreme Conditions Advanced Electronics Under Extreme Conditions

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