Department of Systems Innovation

Division of Systems Science and Applied Informatics

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The Division of System Science and Applied Informatics aims to provide interdisciplinary research and education to young people who can contribute to the development of a modern information society, using a broad range of knowledge, from element technology to complex system configuration. We conduct research and offer education in various fields, from hardware technology to system design and mathematical analysis, working together with the Division of Mathematical Science for Social Systems.


We focus on research and education concerning new system information technologies that organically integrate system theory, information technologies, media technologies, sensing technologies and robotics. We aim to create intelligent and sophisticated technologies, which are becoming more and more necessary, as systems also become larger and more complex. In our research and education activities we put special emphasis on basic theories for analyzing and designing complex systems and on the creation of new intelligent systems centered around the human being.


The division consists of two areas: the System Theory Area uses basic theories to analyze and design complex systems, while the Intelligent Systems Area tries to create new intelligent systems centering on humans. We strive to educate graduates who not only have knowledge of related areas of engineering and adequate computer literacy, but are also familiar with applied mathematics, engineering English and a broad range of topics related to science. Our students are encouraged to become aware of the problems of economy and society, be able to think freely based on their own observations, express their opinions properly, and cultivate their pioneering spirit.


Division of Systems Science and Applied Informatics Area of System Theory Adaptive Robotics Group
Systems Analysis Group
Area of Intelligent Systems Applied Robotics Group
Intelligent Robotics Group
Pattern Measurement Group
Robotic Manipulation Group

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