Specially Appointed Assistant Professor or Researcher (Full-time), Theoretical Solid Mechanics Lab


Specially Appointed Assistant Professor (Full-time) or Specially Appointed Researcher (Full-time)

available at Ogata Laboratory (Theoretical Solid Mechanics Laboratory),

 Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University


1. Job type:

  Specially Appointed Assistant Professor (Full-time) or Specially Appointed Researcher (Full-time), one person


2. Department:

  Ogata Laboratory (Theoretical Solid Mechanics Laboratory), Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University


3. Research field:

  Computational Materials Science, Solid Mechanics, Fracture Mechanics


4. Research subjects:

  Micro-scale modeling and simulation study on crack propagation and friction in materials


5. Qualifications:

  Applicant expected to have PhD degree in materials science or related areas and significant experiences in materials modeling and simulation (e.g. molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo method, first principles calculations, phase field modeling, …), and software development.


6. Contract Period:

  April 1, 2018 (Negotiable)  -  March 31. 2020 (Contract renewal is possible)


7. Work location:

  OGATA LAB.  Toyonaka Campus at Osaka University

   (1-3 Machikaneyama-cho, Toyonaka City)


8. Working hours:

  To be determined in accordance with ‘Regulations Pertaining to Working Hours, Holidays and Leave for National University Corporation Osaka University Limited Term Staff’ under the discretionary labor system for professional work.


9. Compensation:

  To be determined in accordance with ‘Salary Regulations for National University Corporation Osaka University Limited Term Staff (Specially appointed Staff, etc.) Subject to Annual Salary System’


10. Social insurance:

  Eligible for MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology) Mutual Aid Association membership, Employee's pension insurance, Employment insurance, and Workers' compensation insurance.


11.Required documents:

 1) A CV including a passport quality photo, current address, telephone/e-mail contact information,

educational qualifications, professional (academic) experiences, rewards and punishments

 2) A publication list sectioned for (a) Peer-reviewed or refereed original papers, (b) Peer-reviewed

international conference proceedings, (c) non-peer-reviewed international conference proceedings,

Each publication must include names of all authors, journal, and publisher, year, volume, number,

and pages

 3) Reprints or copies of papers of those most representing the candidates' research

 4) A personal statement describing the candidate's research details by referring papers in the publication

list as a document within 1 page

 5) A list of references to whom the University can ask for opinions on the research and education

experiences of the candidate.


12. Closing date for applications:

  December. 25 (Mon) 2017 or until the position is filled.


13. Document submission/ Contact details:

  Electronic submission only.

  Please compress all the application documents into one and apply from the “JREC-IN Portal” website.

If all the necessary matters are met that web application form of the “JREC-IN Portal” is acceptable.


   Prof. Shigenobu OGATA

   Division of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Science and Bioengineering,

   Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University.

   1-3, Machikaneyama-cho,Toyonaka city, Osaka 560-8531, Japan

   E-mail : ogata(@)  ←Please change (@) to @, when you send a e-mai.


14. Selection process:

  The Selection Committee qualifies all candidates, based on the documents submitted. An interview may be scheduled, if necessary, and the results will be informed to selected candidates.


15. Additional information:

 1) The information about Ogata lab may be found at the following URL: 

 2) Additional documents may be asked for clarification when necessary. 

  No traveling allowance will be provided to any of the interviewees.

 3) Personal information contained in the application documents will be used solely for the purpose of screening applicants, and never for any other purposes.

 4) Osaka University is promoting gender equality. We encourage applications from women


  Details of this job opportunity may be subject to change when necessary.


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