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Current Research Topics of Prof. Shogo Nishida\'s Laboratory

Nishida Laboratory is a multi-disciplinary research and development lab for advanced human interfaces. The work includes cognitive science, human factors, virtual reality and internet technologies. Recent topics are as follows.

Augmented reality is a technology which allows users to see a virtual object in the real world. We proposed an intuitive user interface to manipulate 3D virtual models based on augmented reality. The MagicCup is a system to support city planning with this user interface. We demonstrated
the MagicCup at Japan Industry 2005, Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, Nov. 27 - Dec. 1, 2005.

We developed a real-time position and shape acquisition method for user・s hands by using two cameras. This method makes the virtual object overlay more natural. Our paper on this method received the best paper award at an international conference on virtual reality, ICAT 2005 in New Zealand, Dec. 2005.

We developed social summarization method which summarizes the flood of feedback comments to the seller in online auctions. This result is presented at an international conference held by ACM in Sydney in January 2006 (ACM IUI2006). This paper has received the Best Paper Award in this conference.

It was announced that Prof. Nishida would receive Funai Information Science Promotion Award for his leading research on human-computer interaction.
Awarding ceremony will be held at Kyoto Hotel Okura, April 22, 2006.

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