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Imoto Laboratory is a multi-disciplinary research lab for quantum information processing and quantum optics. The research includes quantum information theory, entanglement engineering, quantum cryptography, quantum teleportation, etc. Recent topics are as follows.

<Publications in high-Impact-Factor journals>
Besides our Nature paper in 2003, we constantly publicize more than five papers a year in Physical Review Letters and Physical Review journals. In 2005, we proposed a scheme for faithful transmission of photonic quantum states under uncontrollable noise, proposed a scheme for generating a noteworthy quantum state --- so called the cluster state --- using practical optics, and developed security proof theories for practical quantum cryptographic schemes.

<Organizing international conferences/schools>
In 2005, our laboratory produced a Session Chair and an Invited Speaker for IQEC/CLEO Pacific Rim (International quantum electronics conference/Conference on Lasers and Electro-optics). We also hosted The Kochi Summer School for Quantum Information Science, inviting worldwide leading experts in the field as the lecturers.

<Press coverage>
In 2005, our research/social activities were reported in Nikkei Science (the Japanese version of Scientific American) in the April and August issues and The Yomiuri Shimbun in October.

<Current studies>
Optical communication have achieved fast and widespread communication networks all around the world. The light can also serve as a carrier of quantum information, and the optical quantum states are the most promising candidates for performing various tasks in quantum communication and quantum information processing. For example, using polarization state of photons, we can execute protocols of quantum cryptography. We can also produce several photons having quantum correlations --- called ‘entanglement’, which can be used to demonstrate various interesting protocols of quantum information processing such as quantum teleportation. In our lab, we are performing the following studies for fundamental and applied optical quantum information processing.

1. Robust quantum communication systems for photonic qubits
2. Generation of multi-party entangled states
3. Development of quantum state tomography
4. Security analyses of quantum cryptography

We are also working on fundamental theories of quantum information and quantum optics.

Imoto Laboratory
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