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Molecules That Assemble by Sound

An application to instant gelation of stable organic fluids

Takeshi Naota, Professor

A Blast of brief sound immediately turns liquids to jelly. This amazing phenomenon can be achieved by the creation of newly designed organometallic molecules that have unique clothespin shape.
An association-inert Pd dinuclear complex, stabilized by intramolecular p-stacking interactions, gelatinizes a variety of organic solvents immediately upon short pre-sonication for a few seconds, which is the first quick, positive and reversible method for remote switching control of stable sol-gel phases.
Unique and precise rate control can be performed in the range from “no gelation” to “instant gelation” simply by tuning the sonication time.
This principle will be open up a new world of fluidity control of liquids and the related technologies and science.

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