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Toward development of flexible systems inspired by nonlinear phenomena in biological systems

Professor Toshimitsu Ushio, Associate Professor Hiroyuki Torikai, Assistant Professor Takafumi Kanaz

Our research interests include a wide variety of topics such as real time systems, embedded systems, nonlinear dynamical systems, and mathematical modeling of social activity. Among these topics, here we would like to introduce some research topics related to “development of bio-inspired flexible systems.”

Most systems in the real world have nonlinearities, and many of them utilize various nonlinear phenomena in order to realize their functionalities. Especially, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the living organism is the most sophisticated nonlinear system. Our recent bio-inspired research topics include the following ones.

●Development of analog electronic circuits that mimic the sound encoding nonlinear dynamics of the mammalian spiral ganglion cell, and their applications to high performance sensors and/or future cochlea implants.
●Development of dynamic reconfigurable FPGAs that mimic the nonlinear dynamics of neurons and their learning, and applications of such reconfigurable hardware neurons to neural prosthesis.
●Development of self-organizing hardware pulse-coupled neural networks, and analysis of their clustering abilities.
●Development of bio-inspired sequence generators, and their applications to UWB impulse radio wireless communication systems.
●Development of network flow control methods based on the replicator dynamics which is a mathematical model of the biological evolution.

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