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Magnetoelectric multiferroics

-Ferroelectricity driven by spin spiral-

Professor Tsuyoshi Kimura, Associate Professor Yusuke Wakabayashi, Assistant Professor Hiroyuki Naka

Kimura Laboratory investigates correlated electron systems in which interaction among multiple degrees of freedom on electrons such as spin and charge causes various physical phenomena. Our goal is to produce novel functionality and unexpected gigantic magnetic and/or electric response in electronic materials by combining some of the physical phenomena. In recent years, we focus on materials termed “multiferroics” in which their electric property strongly couples with magnetism. In multiferroics, the coupling between the magnetization and electric polarization (magnetoelectric effect) can provide an additional degree of freedom in “magnetoelectric” device design (e.g. multiple state memory elements). However, there have been no applications using magnetoelectric couplings developed to date, due mainly to materials limitations and the small magnitude of the magnetoelectric effect.

In Kimura Laboratory, we perform materials design, synthesis, crystal-growth, and detailed measurements of structural, magnetic, and electric properties to pursue microscopic origin of observed phenomena and to explore magnetoelectric materials offering high-performance magnetoelectric couplings.

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