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Analysis of Fluid Mixing in 3-D Agitated Vessel

- For New Information Fluid Dynamics -

Professor: Yoshiro INOUE, Assistant Professor: Shunsuke HASHIMOTO

Mixing is one of important unit operations in Chemical Engineering Process. In the operation, it is essential to convert effectively mechanical energy to fluid mixing. Along the way, many systematic researches have been performed with the view of the relation between the various shape of impeller and the mixing time or the required input. Fluid mixing phenomena are very simple in appearance, however, the behavior of fluid particles in a vessel is extremely complicated and mysterious. It is still unclear what is the core factor of flow for the fluid mixing. We are analyzing the mechanism of fluid mixing, and both multi-fractal theory and information theory to evaluate quantitatively the fluid mixing state. In our study, we use both experimental method and theoretical and/or numerical methods. In the experiment, we use the decolorizing method and laser beam irradiation to visualize the mixing patterns (the left figure) and streak-line lobes (the right figure), respectively. We focus on a streak that can become the mixing template in agitated vessel and have to sort out it from the complex behavior of mixing fluid. On the basis of these results, we aim to create the new precision mixing system and to construct a simple and essential mixing model, which is useful to clarify the mechanism and to develop the new mixing operation.

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