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Towards Development of Intelligent Systems

−Systems Analysis Technology for Smart Communication

Professor: Youji Iiguni, Associate Professor: Makoto Nakashizuka, Assistant Professor: Arata Kawamur

Systems analysis group is interested in theory and practice of signals and systems, including advanced signal processing algorithms with application to speech/image processing and communication systems, and multiscale signals representation with application to signal analysis and feature extraction.
Speech is the most basic and important media for human communication. To realize a smart speech communication, we have been studying on speech enhancement techniques which can adaptively enhance speeches which are corrupted with noises. Auditory signal separation systems are also investigated to separate individual audio signal from mixtures, such as music and conversations. We are applying these speech processing techniques to robust speech recognition system which can recognize words under noisy environment.
Recently, various imaging devices have been developed, and utilized in network environment. One of the important topics in image processing is image conversion for sharing images among various imaging devices. We have been studying the image processing techniques based on the mathematical modeling. We investigate the mathematical models for representation of variations of image intensities. Advanced image processing techniques that recover the lost information of images have been proposed based on the models.

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