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A Robotic Approach to Understand and Enhance Human Motor Skills

Professor Fumio Miyazaki, Associate Professor Hiroaki Hirai, Assistant Professor Mitsunori Uemura

   Miyazaki laboratory aims at constructing intelligent systems which enhance human abilities, and studies the efficient interaction and cooperation between humans and robots.

   Our group investigates the skill enhancement systems from multilateral aspects according to the interaction types between humans and robots, and we will establish the methods of supporting human activities.


   Recently, based on the knowledge and hypotheses of related fields to human science, such as medical science, physiology, human engineering, and sports science, we have developed two kinds of robots which are capable of understanding and/or enhancing human motor skills.

   Figure (a) shows a force-display robot that helps subject’s motor learning. It can evaluate subject’s motor skill and provide physical assistance to improve his performance.

   Figure (b) illustrates limb robots which simulate human muscular-skeletal system. These human-like machines may be useful to unravel the mystery of human motor control from the viewpoint of robotics.


   We also research other human-assist robot systems including an intelligent orthotic robot.

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