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Title: Interactive 360-degree Fog Display Utilizing Motion Parallax

Professor Osamu Oshiro, Associate Professor Masataka Imura,Assistant Professor Yoshihiro Kuroda

Floating 3D image in the air --- the aim of this research is to develop a fog display which enables observers to recognize a 3D shape of virtual objects.


We propose a 360-degree observable fog display which provides different images according to observers’ position.


The key point of the proposed display is to project multiple images of a virtual object from different viewpoints onto one cylindrical fog screen. The fog screen consists of waterdrops about the size of the wavelength of visible light. The waterdrops show a strong forward directional scattering of lights, called the Mie scattering. When observers walk around the cylindrical fog screen, the waterdrops acts like a parallax barrier and show one image to the observer at a time. In this way, the observer can recognize the 3D shape of the virtual object.


Most of 3D displays cannot realize to touch and to grasp the virtual object because the projection system has mechanics at the area where 3D images are projected. The proposed 3D fog display enables observers to handle the virtual object directly. The result reveals that the projected images are not mixed and observers can see the virtual object as it were inside the fog.

Oshiro Laboratory
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