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Web Intelligence

- Toward Smooth Interactions between Human and the Web -

Prof:Shogo Nishida,Associate Prof:Yoshinori Hijikata,Assistant Prof:Nobuchika Sakata, Kyoko Ito

Nishida laboratory have been studying advanced human interfaces which support human-computer, human-human and human-society interactions. We take one of the research themes among the above interactions here. Actually, we introduce the study of Web intelligence. It helps people to work on intellectual tasks on the Web.


Currently, the Web not only works as platforms for distributing information but works as communication media among people and runtime environment of applications. We have been developing methods and interaction models for supporting people's decision makings and creative tasks in our laboratory.


We introduce our community extraction method for complex networks as one example. Complex networks are networks existing in the real world or real society like hyper networks on the Web and social networks on SNS. Community means sets of nodes linking mutually under some meanings or semantics. Extraction of communities is not an easy task because we have to consider the overlapping of communities, adequate weight of edges and the pre-defined number of communities for extraction. We have proposed a novel extraction method for solving the above problems and evaluated its effectiveness.


When we use our method for SNS network, we can find various kinds of community like collage alumnus members and business members. The extracted communities are useful for friend recommendation or internet marketing.


Other research themes we work on for Web intelligence include discovery-oriented collaborative filtering and credibility assessment for user reviews. We aim to realize recommender systems which provide fresh and reliable information with high precision of preference.

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