New Research


Molecules that illuminate by sound

Development of novel illuminating technologies based on the ultrasound-induced molecular aggregation

Professor: Takeshi Naota, Associate Professor: Naruyoshi Komiya

Instant and precise control of phosphorescent emission can be performed by ultrasound-induced gelation of organic liquids with chiral, clothespin-shaped trans-bis(salicylaldiminato)Pt(II) complexes.  Non-emissive solutions of racemic, short-linked complex and optically pure, long-linked one in organic liquids are transformed immediately into stable phosphorescent gels upon brief irradiation of low-power ultrasound. Emission from the gels can be controlled by sonication time, linker length, and optical activity of the complexes. Several experimental results indicated that structure-dependent homo- and heterochiral aggregations and ultrasound-control of the aggregate morphology are key factors for emission enhancement

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