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Highly stable and High Efficiency Thin Film Silicon Based Solar Cells

Prof: Hiroaki Okamoto, Associate Prof: Kiminori Hattori, Assistant Prof: Yasushi Sobajima

It is well recognized that the establishment of new energy resources is of prime importance to build a sustainable modern society.  One of the promising ways is “Solar Photovoltaics”, based upon solar cells.  At present, wide-spread used solar cells are made of crystalline silicon based materials, which are, however, anticipated to be unable to meet rapidly growing demand for solar cells due mainly to a limitation of raw material supply.  This difficulty would be resolved if we shift to thin film silicon based materials, like amorphous and/or microcrystalline silicon films which are formed with low temperature and wide-area process.  Drawbacks of the thin film silicon based solar cells against crystalline based solar cells is low efficiencies as well as poor stability, that have to be improved from the material science point of view, relying on a deep understanding of film growth process.  Our group is challenging to realize highly stable and high efficiency thin film silicon based solar cells through 1) control of growth process for high quality materials, and 2) solar cell device design including novel light managements.

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