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Control of momentum, heat and mass transfer

Professor: Yasunori Okano, Lecturer: Takahiko Ban, Assistant Professor: Youhei Takagi

   When you hear “flow”, what do you image? Generally, one may image water and air flows. The research field targeting fluid flow is called fluid dynamics. However, at our surroundings and industrial processes, heat and mass transfers also occurs at same time as fluid motion. The research field studying momentum, heat and mass transfer is called transport phenomena, and we study the smart control method for various transport phenomena such as industrial process, biotechnology, energy and environment.

   Some physical forces are required to move fluid such as liquid and the fluid flow caused by the forces is called convection. When temperature or concentration fluctuation occurs in a liquid droplet and film, surface tension changes on the interfaces between liquid-gas or liquid-liquid phases, and an interesting convection, that is, Marangoni convection occurs. We conduct an fluid experiment to control the convection and numerically investigates the mechanism of Marangoni convection, and develop the efficient control method to utilize it. An astronaut conducted an experiment of Marangoni convection on the International Space Station (ISS), we theoretically explained the result of the space experiment by using computer simulation.

   We also study various convective flows and transport phenomena other than Marangoni convection and carry out applied researches of multi-scales transport phenomena from micro-scale biotechnology to macro-scale marine science.

Okano Lab.
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