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Organic magnetic sensors

Prof. Hirokazu TADA, Associate Prof. Ryo YAMADA, Assistant Prof. Tatsuhiko OHTO

 Magnetic sensors have a wide variety of applications such as directional sensors in smartphones and readouts of magnetic memory devices.

 Tada laboratory has investigated the magnetoresistance - changes of electrical resistance under the magnetic fields - of organic materials to develop new types of  magnetic sensors with unique characteristics such as printable, soft and as small as a single molecule.

 Recently, organic devices without any magnetic electrodes were found to show magnetoresistance (organic magnetoresistance - OMAR) .The OMAR characteristics differs depending on tiny differences in the fabrication process and it is important to know how to control them.

 We clarified that nm-scale roughness of conductive polymer layer at the interface between electrode and organic layer alters OMAR behavior of organic devices from the morphological analysis and impedance measurements.

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