New Research


Dynamics of bio and functional materials at atomic and nano scale

Development of ultra-high spatial and time resolution scanning probe microscopy

Center for Science and Technology under Extreme Conditions Prof. Dr. ABE, Masayuki

Everyone knows that everything including our body is made up of atoms and molecules, but there are many things that we do not know yet as to how atoms and molecules function. Our research group is developing "Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)" which enables observation of samples at atomic and nano scale and at video rate. There are many difficulties achieving the purpose. As a result of high spatial (but speed is not high) resolution measurement, we have not only seen atoms on sample surfaces, but also have achieved the results of identifying single atoms. Moreover, we have succeeded in moving atoms to create artifacts at room temperature (see the figure).

   Recent our targets are direct observation of the reaction occurring on bio and catalysis surfaces. And we have also developed AFM systems operated in ultra-high vacuum that is combined with thin-film forming method such as pulsed laser deposition and molecular beam epitaxy. The system enables to elucidate the behavior of functional materials and electron and spin devices at atomic scale.


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