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Search for the Principles of Robotic Grasping and Manipulation

Kensuke Harada・Professor

While a human can skillfully manipulate a daily object, a human often does not realize that he/she is performing a very difficult task. Making a robot perform a task like a human is a very interesting and challenging research topic. For example, let us consider making robot cook food. Even if a robot recognizes what is written in the instruction, it will be impossible for a robot to actually cook food only by reading the instruction. This is because a human has been accumulating a lot of knowledge and cooks based on his/her experience. To make a robot perform a task instead of a human, it will be important to realize the knowledge what is a human unconsciously performs.

In this research lab., we consider researching the robotic manipulation from both academic/practical points of view.   Especially, from the practical point of view, we consider focusing on the automation in production. We focus on the assembly of products and picking of parts related to the robotic manipulation.

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Assembly of an elastic ring-shaped object by a robot
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