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Visualization of human anatomy and function

- Wave propagation in a bone -

Professor Osamu OSHIRO, Research Associate Yasushi MASUDA, Research Associate Yoshihiro KURODA

Oshiro Laboratory, the bio-imaging group, has been challenging to generate the transdisciplinary field of bio-imaging based on biomedical measurement, CG, VR and communication technology. The Laboratory now focuses on the following studies, PET imaging to evaluate human aging quantitatively, near i...

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Development of micro fluidic devices for medical applications

Satoyuki Kawano, Professor,Hirofumi Shintaku, Research Associate

If most of the blood tests could be done with only a few drops of blood sample, you would not have to experience uncomfortableness of being taken plenty of blood for tests any more. We are carrying out the basic research to develop such a nano/ micro device for blood tests, which can detect the bioc...

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The skeleton of fluid turbulence

— approach by unstable periodic motion to the problem of turbulence —

Genta Kawahara, Professor

The states of fluid motion are generally classified into laminar and turbulent flow. The turbulent flow exhibits spatiotemporally chaotic behaviour and its details repeat neither in space nor in time. Most of the fluid motion seen in daily life, such as water flowing out of a fully-turned-on tap and...

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Tiles of Nanosize

Control of Two-Dimensional Nanostructures Based on Molecular Design

Assistant Professor Kazukuni Tahara, Professor Yoshito Tobe

A great deal of interest has been focused on the bottom-up nanotechnology which is based on the change of electronic state or structure of a single organic molecule or a small molecular assembly, in contrast to the top-down approach utilizing inorganic solid semiconductors, to construct an integrate...

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Philosophers’ Stone

— aiming towards environmentally friendly organic syntheses —

Kiyotomi KANEDA, Professor

Catalyst invariably contributes to our quality of life by producing useful chemical materials and cleaning up air, water, and exhaust gas. The role of catalyst is to convert molecules into the desired products by selective scission and recombination of the chemical bonds within the molecules. Theref...

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Molecules That Assemble by Sound

An application to instant gelation of stable organic fluids

Takeshi Naota, Professor

A Blast of brief sound immediately turns liquids to jelly. This amazing phenomenon can be achieved by the creation of newly designed organometallic molecules that have unique clothespin shape. An association-inert Pd dinuclear complex, stabilized by intramolecular p-stacking interactions, gelatiniz...

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Latest research topics of Imoto laboratory

Imoto Laboratory is a multi-disciplinary research lab for quantum information processing and quantum optics. The research includes quantum information theory, entanglement engineering, quantum cryptography, quantum teleportation, etc. Recent topics are as follows. <Publications in high-Impact-Fa...

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Current Research Topics of Prof. Shogo Nishida\'s Laboratory

Nishida Laboratory is a multi-disciplinary research and development lab for advanced human interfaces. The work includes cognitive science, human factors, virtual reality and internet technologies. Recent topics are as follows. Augmented reality is a technology which allows users to see a virtual ...

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