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Mixed Realty Systems

The Fusion of Atom and Bit

Prof. Kosuke Sato, Associate Prof. Shinsaku Hiura, Assistant Prof. Ichiro Kanaya

The word of the virtual reality or the artificial reality appears frequently in the SF movies. As for this virtual reality with the computer graphics, haptic feeling devices, and so on, people feel by giving them imaginary stimulus to the sense vessel such as their eyes and skin, it is a matter of t...

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Radio and light waves integrated communication systems

- For future communication systems -

Prof. Yasuyuki Okamura, Associate Prof. Hiroshi Murata and Assistance Prof. Hidehisa Shiomi

One of the important aims of communication is to transmit information farther as well as largely and accurately; nowadays a ubiquitous networking is desired for communicating whenever, wherever and whatever. We are engaged in the research for answering the above requirement. Both radio and light wa...

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Bone Biomechanics

- Microstructure in Growth and Remodeling -

Professor Masao Tanaka, Associate Professor Takeshi Matsumoto, Assistant Professor Hisashi Naito

Bone is the most important organ of the skeletal system supporting human body, and two kinds of bone tissue are distinguished: cortical bone making hard outer layer of bone and cancellous bone filling the interior of cortical shell. Cancellous bone is comprised of trabeculae of rod- and plate-like e...

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Deformation mechanism of carbon nanotubes

Professor Shigenobu Ogata

We proposed a theory of bending plastic deformation process of carbon nanotube, which is expected as building blocks of functional nano-structured device. Based on this theory, it is clearly understood that not only bending plastic deformation mechanism but also the one-way shape memory effect of ca...

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Ultrahigh-sensitive oscillator biosensors

Professor Masahiko Hirao, Associate Professor Hirotsugu Ogi, Assistant Professor Ryuichi Tarumi, Ass

Post genome-sequence research focuses on identification of structures and functions of various proteins related with carcinomas and diseases of the nervous system. These studies significantly require higher-sensitive biosensors. Among a variety of biosensors, quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) has be...

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Novel superconducting phenomena

---today and future perspectives---

Professor. Yoshio Kitaoka, Associate Professor Hidekazu Mukuda, Assistant Professor Mitsuharu Yashim

The materials in our world exhibit a rich variety of the physical properties, which originate from \"Charge” carrier and \"Spin\" (microscopic permanent magnet) of the electrons. Among them, \"magnetism\" and \"superconductivity\" (SC) are becoming more and more important in the materials scie...

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Membranome and Amyloidosis

〜Creation of Membrane Stress Biotechnology〜

Professor Ryoichi Kuboi, Associate Professor Hiroshi Umakoshi, Assistant Professor Toshinori Shimano

 Recently, the conformational diseases (Amyloidosis such as hemodialysis Amyloidosis, Alzheimer’s disease (AD), and Mad Cow Disease) have been a serious problem. Especially in the case of AD, many research works on amyloid β-Peptide (Aβ) have been focused on the genomic and proteom...

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Development of novel functional polymer materials through precise polymer synthesis

Professor Tatsuki Kitayama,Assistant Professor Takafumi Nishiura Takehiro Kitaura

The late 20th century has been the “age of plastics”, as you see them everywhere in everyday life. Polymers or macromolecules are the compounds that constitute plastics materials, which are normally produced from “monomers” through chemical reactions called “polymerizat...

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Visualization of Three-dimensional Electronic Structures

Novel bulk Fermiology by soft x-ray ARPES

Professor Shigemasa Suga,Assistant Professor Akira Sekiyama,21COE Reserch Assistant Masao Yano

Microscopic electronic structures of solids are responsible for their macroscopic properties. In the cases of metals, detailed shapes of the Fermi surfaces are known to dominate over their properties. The Professor Suga group has reported that bulk three-dimensional electronic structures (Fermisur...

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Decision Making and Optimization

Toward Flexible Intelligent Decision Support

Professor Masahiro Inuiguchi, Associate Professor Tatsushi Nishi, Research Associate Masayo

Inuiguchi Laboratory, Research Group of Mathematical Models and Computations, studies theory and methods for decision support in various environments toward real world applications. We represent aspirations and preferences of decision makers as well as problem settings in mathematical models, specif...

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Data science with multivariate statistical analysis

Interdisciplinary study of mathematics, informatics and social sciences

Professor Yutaka Kano

The laboratory of Professor Kano in the division of mathematical science studies multivariate statistical analysis typically used to analyze natural and social phenomena with multiple complex facets. They investigate mathematical and statistical properties of techniques in multivariate analysis, and...

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Watch fingerprint of molecular by radio wave

Chemical detection by Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance

Professor Hideo Itozaki

Molecules are consist of atoms. The atoms are influenced by the structure of its molecular and they react to radio wave with special frequencies. This phenomenon is called by Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance (NQR). Detection of molecule’s fingerprint by NQR uses radio wave. It has so long wave le...

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