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Study of the nonlinear principle and estimate of nonlinear phenomena

Self-organizations caused by the hierarchy and variational structure

Professor Takashi Suzuki, Associate Professor Masato Okado, Assistant Professor Atsushi Nobe

 In the Suzuki laboratory, several problems in natural science, engineering, medicine, and economics are studied from the viewpoint of mathematical analysis. Concretely, their formulation to equations based on mathematical penomena and physical principles, development of numerical schemes with num...

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“Control”as the design of a dynamics

Control technology for the productivity growth and data-driven control theory

Professor Toshiyuki OHTSUKA,Associate Professor Atsumi OHARA,Assistant Professor Osamu KANEKO

 “Control”is one of the fundamental and important research areas in the sense that control technology enhances a greater comfort in daily-life like a car with ride quality, an easy-to-use home electric appliances, and so on, or in the sense that it also makes it possible that many indu...

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Functional oxide thin films

−sensor, memory and LSI−

Professor M. Okuyama, Associate Professor T. Kanashima, Assistant Professor M. Sohgawa, D. Ricinschi

Recently, many semiconductor devices are usually used in our circumference. For example, a light is automatically turned on when you enter a room, because the sensor which can detect the human is put at the entrance. However, sensors commonly used can detect the motion of something, cannot distingui...

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A Worldwide Open Platform for the Physiome Project

Professor Taishin Nomura

The term physiome is a coined word linking between “physio” meaning “life” and “ome” meaning as “a whole”, and means integral of the human physiological functions in a similar manner of genome (gene + ome) and proteome (protein + ome). The concept of p...

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Flow Induced Vibration in a Steam Control Valve for Power Plants

Professor Yoshinobu Tsujimoto , Assistant Professor Koichi Yonezawa

In thermal and nuclear power plants, electric power is generated with steam turbines, which are driven by steam with high pressure and high temperature. A steam control valve is used in order to control the steam flow from a steam generator and the steam turbine. During the startup and shutdown tran...

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Deformation and fracture of hydrogen energy materials

Visualization of hydrogen accumulation in materials during fatigue

Professor Hidetoshi Kobayashi, Associate Professor Keitaro Horikawa, Assistant Professor Keiko Watan

Nowadays, it has been studied that the energy source originated from oil is replaced to hydrogen. In order to utilize hydrogen safely, it becomes important to clarify the effect of hydrogen on mechanical properties of industrial metallic materials. Until now, it was considered to be difficult to det...

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Advanced Laser-Spectroscopic Study on Fluctuations of Molecular Systems

Professor Hiroshi Miyasaka, Associate Professor Yutaka Nagasawa, Assistant Professor Syoji Ito

For molecular processes in condensed phase, such as chemical reactions, molecular assembling, and conformational change in macromolecules, fluctuation of environments takes an important role. In order to directly elucidate the fluctuation coupled with these chemical processes, our group is studying ...

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Carbon Dioxide Fixation by Afforestation of Arid Land

-Technologies for effective use of limited water resources and development of process simulators-

Professor Korekazu Ueyama, Associate Professor Yasuyuki Egashira

Afforestation is known as a carbon fixation method, but to fix significant amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it requires huge amount of land surface. Arid land is a suitable place for large scale afforestation without competition with the agriculture. We examined arid land afforestation te...

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How much is the electric resistance of a single molecule ?

-Towards single molecular electronics-

Professor Hirokazu Tada, Associate professor Ryo Yamada, Research assistant Yasuo Azuma, Research as

It is well known that the electrical resistance of a gold wire is inversely proportional to the cross-sectional area of the wire. However, this rule isn\'t right when a diameter of wires is smaller than 1nm. The resistance is restricted to the values proportional to 13,000 ohm in nano-scale. The rul...

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Mathematical Finance, Stochastic Analysis and Stochastic Control.

Professor Hideo Nagai, Associated Professor Arturo Kohatsu-Higa, Assistant Professor Takashi Tamura

The Nagai Laboratory (part of the Graduate of Engineering Science, Division of Mathematical Science for Social Systems) is a group working in the mathematical analysis, foundation and construction of mathematical models describing real situations in financial markets. In particular, our areas of res...

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The World of Statistical Analysis

---- Nonlinear and Robust Statistical Procedures ----

Prof. Shingo SHIRAHATA, Associate Prof. Wataru SAKAMOTO, Assistant Prof. Mie FUJIKI

The Shirahata Laboratory (Statistical Analysis Group) studies how to analyze statistical data with errors, fluctuations or individual variations. Almost all observations appeared in natural science, engineering science, medical science, social science and human science are contaminated by errors and...

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