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Magnetoelectric multiferroics

-Ferroelectricity driven by spin spiral-

Professor Tsuyoshi Kimura, Associate Professor Yusuke Wakabayashi, Assistant Professor Hiroyuki Naka

Kimura Laboratory investigates correlated electron systems in which interaction among multiple degrees of freedom on electrons such as spin and charge causes various physical phenomena. Our goal is to produce novel functionality and unexpected gigantic magnetic and/or electric response in electronic...

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Toward development of flexible systems inspired by nonlinear phenomena in biological systems

Professor Toshimitsu Ushio, Associate Professor Hiroyuki Torikai, Assistant Professor Takafumi Kanaz

Our research interests include a wide variety of topics such as real time systems, embedded systems, nonlinear dynamical systems, and mathematical modeling of social activity. Among these topics, here we would like to introduce some research topics related to “development of bio-inspired flexi...

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Mathematical Sciences as Critical Studies of Natural Sciences

Partial differential equations, Dynamical systems, Numerical computations, Stochastic analysis

Professor Hayato NAWA, Associate Professor Toshiyuki Ogawa

Regarding mathematical sciences as critical studies of natural sciences, we are left with various problems to be studied and formulated in rigorous, mathematical ways. Activity of a research group is limited however; we are now working on the following problems mainly: 1. Laser beam propagation and...

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Android Science

-Learning about People through Robotics-

Professor: Hiroshi Ishiguro, Associate Professor: Yoshio Iwai, Assistant Professor: Hajime Nagahara

At the Ishiguro Lab, we are developing and researching robots which interact with people, and which incorporate mechanisms inspired by characteristics of human intelligence and biological structures; in doing so, we seek to gain insight into human cognition and “human-likeness.” Attempts...

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Control of material structures, electrical properties and functions for next-generation nanoelectron

- Detection of structural fluctuation on the nano- to micro- meter scale in the direct silicon bondi

Prof. Akira Sakai, Associate Prof. Yoshiaki Nakamura, Assistant Prof. Jun Kikkawa

In crystalline materials, atoms are regularly arranged, and each line of atoms forms three-dimensional lattices. Lattice strains and defects of the regular atomic arrangements give critical impacts on electrical properties of the materials. By controlling these strains and defects, it is possible to...

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Realtime CARS microscopy

-Visualization of specific molecules without staining-

Professor Tsutomu ARAKI, Associate Professor Mamoru HASHIMOTO, Assistant Professor Takeshi YASUI, As

The aims of Biomedical Photonics Group (Araki Lab.) are contributions to medical diagnostics or biomedical researches by instrumentation utilizing new principles, new methods, and so on. Last year\'s Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded for “the discovery and development of Green Fluorescent P...

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Skill Enhancement through Interaction between Humans and Robots

Professor Fumio Miyazaki, Associate Professor Atsushi Nishikawa, Assistant Professor Hiroaki Hirai

Miyazaki laboratory aims at constructing intelligent systems which enhances human abilities, and studies the efficient interaction and cooperation between humans and robots. Our group researches the skill enhancement system from two aspects, (1) skill science and (2) human interface, and establishes...

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Understanding and prediction of localization in periodic structures

— For application of nonlinear mechanics to engineering —

Professor Nobumasa Sugimoto, Associate Professor Takao Yoshinaga, Assistant Professors Yoko Hase & Y

Nonlinear mechanics often reveals that a phenomenon which looks complex at first sight or appears independently can be explained well by a simple model or by a common mechanism. Nonlinearity manifests itself in a rich variety of phenomena. As far as oscillations and waves in mechanical systems are c...

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Design in Nanometer Scale on a Surface

— Two-Dimensional Nano-Pattern Created by Aligning Four Molecular Components —

Professor Yoshito Tobe, Assistant Professor Kazukuni Tahara

In order to construct small integrated circuit (IC), a great deal of attentions has been focused on the bottom-up approach which makes it possible to create small surface patterns in few nano-meter scale instead of surface patterns in few 10 nano-meter scale constructed by the top-down approach such...

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Mapping of Chemical Interactions Sensed by Single Molecular Probe

−For General Understanding of Chemical Reactions and Functions at Surfaces and Interfaces−

Professor Ken-ichi Fukui, Associate Professor Akihito Imanishi

 Functional groups of molecules have essential importance on how the molecule interacts with other materials or molecules. For example, mesoscopic-scale biomolecules such as DNA or proteins form their predetermined structures for expected functions by hydrogen bonding between the constituent molec...

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Recent progresses in the “Spintronics”

−Control of spins in the nano and molecular structures−

Professor Yoshishige Suzuki, Associate professor Masashi Shiraishi, Assistant professor Takayuki Noz

Two possessions of an electron, i.e. charge and spin, have been used separately in the fields of semiconductor physics and magnetism. In our group, we aim to establish “Nano-spintronics”, in which those two properties are coupled ingeniously in the nano-world. Recently, by injecting spin...

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Statistical inference for stochastic processes

For the development in the field of financial data analysis

Associate professors Masayuki Uchida and Etsuo Kumagai

Statistical inference and its application to financial data analysis are mainly studied in Uchida and Kumagai laboratory. In the field of statistical inference, it is very important to construct a statistical model based on the data and to predict future behavior. In terms of globalization and devel...

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