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The skeleton of fluid turbulence

— approach by unstable periodic motion to the problem of turbulence —

Professor Genta Kawahara

The states of fluid motion are generally classified into laminar and turbulent flow. The turbulent flow exhibits spatiotemporally chaotic behaviour and its details repeat neither in space nor in time. Most of fluid motion seen in daily life, such as water flowing out of a fully-turned-on tap and v...

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Chemical Approach to Life Science

Chemical Synthesis of Damaged DNA and Its Application to DNA Repair Studies

Professor: Shigenori Iwai, Associate Professor: Isao Kuraoka, Assistant Professor: Junpei Yamamoto

   DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is a biopolymer that contains and transfers genetic information, and its function depends on the formation of the base pairs between adenine and thymine and between guanine and cytosine. The chemical structure of DNA is sometimes altered by chemical reactions. Th...

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New Quantum Critical Phenomena

Development of a Theory of Critical Valence Fluctuations

Professor Kazumasa Miyake, Associate Professor Shinji Watanabe,

Quantum critical phenomena are characterized by anomalous temperature dependence of a series of physical quantities, such as susceptibility, resistivity, specific heat and so on, and arise near the critical point (where the long range order, such as magnetism, disappears) at zero temperature by tuni...

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Mathematical Finance

Toward further development after crisis

Research Group of Mathematical Modeling in Finance.Professor: Jun Sekine,Assistant Professor: Yukio

1) Group information.  a) Main research topics: Mathematical Finance (Sekine). Probability Theory related to Statistical Physics (Nagahata).  b)Education and Activity (e.g., student advising, research guidance, research seminar and workshop): We are cooperating with other research groups in Area...

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Data science with multivariate statistical analysis: Part 2

\"Analysis of incomplete data\"

Yutaka Kano (Professor of Statistics, Division of Mathematical Science)

  This is our second appearance on this web page, the first time being in February of 2007. On this occasion, we will show research on the analysis of data with missing values, which can cause serious problems in statistical analysis.   Typically, empirical studies are conducted to confirm t...

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Towards Development of Intelligent Systems

−Systems Analysis Technology for Smart Communication

Professor: Youji Iiguni, Associate Professor: Makoto Nakashizuka, Assistant Professor: Arata Kawamur

Systems analysis group is interested in theory and practice of signals and systems, including advanced signal processing algorithms with application to speech/image processing and communication systems, and multiscale signals representation with application to signal analysis and feature extraction....

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Exploring New Electromagnetic-wave Regions toward Practical Applications

-Communications and Sensing Using Radio waves of the Future-

Professor:Tadao Nagatuma, Associate Professor:Junichi Takahara, and Assistant Professor: Shintaro Hi

 Since the discovery and practical use of electro-magnetic waves in the late 19th century and early 20th century, human beings have continued to utilize the electromagnetic waves in various fields such as communications, sensing, measurement, energy, healthcare, etc. In particular, an FTTH (Fiber-...

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Developments of bionanodevices using DNA

Satoyuki Kawano, Professor, Kentaro Doi, Associate Professor, Hirofumi Shintaku, Assistant Professor

 DNA, a well-known biomacromolecule which contains gene characteristics, is recently focused on its applications for nanotechnologies. DNA is expected to be a nanometer-size functional nanomaterial, for example, an application of its double strand nanowires substitute for metallic lead lines.  ...

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Novel enhancement of interaction between light and matter in confined electron system

- Wave-wave coupling between classical light and quantum mechanical excitation greatly enhances the

Professor Tadashi Itoh, Associate Professor Masaaki Ashida, Guest Assistant Professor Masayoshi Ichi

In physics, the light wave and the electronic excitation wave have been described in hierarchically different regimes,i.e., the macroscopic (classical) and the microscopic (quantum mechanical) regimes. In this conventional description, no spatial interplay between these waves appears. However, in th...

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Analysis of Fluid Mixing in 3-D Agitated Vessel

- For New Information Fluid Dynamics -

Professor: Yoshiro INOUE, Assistant Professor: Shunsuke HASHIMOTO

Mixing is one of important unit operations in Chemical Engineering Process. In the operation, it is essential to convert effectively mechanical energy to fluid mixing. Along the way, many systematic researches have been performed with the view of the relation between the various shape of impeller an...

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Creation of Well-defined Organometallic Complexes for Various Organic Transformations

Catalytic Asymmetric Hydrogenation of Unsaturated Organic Compounds by Chiral Metal Catalysts

Professor Kazushi Mashima, Associate Professor Takashi Ohshima, Assistant Professor Hayato Tsurugi

Artificial, homogeneous metal catalysts are not only scientifically functional models of these metalloenzymes but also practical tools as industrial transformation of any organic compounds and materials. Development of new powerful catalysts is one of current requirements as environmentally benign p...

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