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Chemical Approaches for Solar Energy Conversion

New Technologies and Materials for Photovoltaic Applications

Michio Matsumura (Professor), Shigeru Ikeda (Associate Professor) in Research Center for Solar Energ

The development of basic strategic response to our continually dwindling energy resources and to environmental problems that are prevalent on a global scale is one of the most important research themes for today’s science and technology. In order to resolve these issues, we are developing nove...

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Wide-band quantum interface for photon-matter quantum information processing

Now the wavelength-conversion lineup is ready for long-distance quantum communications.

N. Imoto (Professor), T. Yamamoto (Associate Professor), R. Ikuta (Assistant Professor)

 Here, we present our latest research published in Nature Communications (DOI number:10.1038/ncomms1544) in November 2011. Recently, quantum information processing is widely investigated such as quantum communication and quantum computation. Imoto laboraroty aims at developing new quantum informat...

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Flexible Robust Optimization under Uncertainty

Decision Support by Fuzzy Mathematical Programming

Masahiro Inuiguchi(Professor), Tatsushi Nishi(Associate Professor), Masayo Tsurumi(Assistant Profess

   Inuiguchi laboratory aims to develop conventional decision sciences and systematic methods as well as intelligent decision aid technologies based on information science and intelligence engineering. Among many research topics such as fuzzy mathematical programming, rough set-based data anal...

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Statistics with Pseudo Random Numbers

Computer Intensive Statistics

Shingo Shirahata(Professor), Wataru Sakamoto(Associate Professor), Kei Hirose(Assistant Professor),

  In order to analyze statistical data, computer is a must-have item. However, the classical procedures are developed without the presupposition of the existing computers. Classical theory and methods are developed under the assumption that the underlying distributions follow normal distribution...

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Exploring Humanoids to which Humans Feel Psychological Safety with

Comprehensive Understanding from Interdisciplinary Approach of Engineering and Psychology

Tatsuo Arai (Professor), Yasushi Mae (Associate Professor), Tomohito Takubo (Assistant Professor), O

   Humanoids are expected to be partners of humans in near future. Arai laboratory has performed research in clarifying the relationships between humans and robots with the aim of developing humanoids that can coexist with humans safely.    The particular feature of humanoids is biped wa...

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Amplification of nuclear spins

Towards high-sensitive detection of nuclear spins and quantum computing

Professor Masahiro Kitagawa, Assistant Professor Akinori Kagawa, Assistant Professor Makoto Negoro

   Nuclear spins in material can be easily controlled with electromagnetic waves. NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) spectroscopy and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), which exploit this characteristic of the nuclear spins, are widely used to obtain various information as to chemical compounds a...

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Biomechanics simulation for integrating mechanical engineering and medicine

Professor Shigeo Wada, Associate Professor Hiroshi Miyazaki, Assistant Professor Kenichiro Koshiyama

   In our group, through both the analytical approach by experiments and the synthetic approach by computer simulations, we investigate the mechanical properties and the biological functions of living body from cells to organisms, and clarify the mechanical adaptation and remodeling which are ...

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A Robotic Approach to Understand and Enhance Human Motor Skills

Professor Fumio Miyazaki, Associate Professor Hiroaki Hirai, Assistant Professor Mitsunori Uemura

Miyazaki laboratory aims at constructing intelligent systems which enhance human abilities, and studies the efficient interaction and cooperation between humans and robots. Our group investigates the skill enhancement systems from multilateral aspects according to the interaction types between human...

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A New Direction in Nano-Mechanics

-Resonance Measurement for Nanomaterias-

Professor Masahiko Hirao, Associate Professor Hirotsugu Ogi, Assistant Professor Nobutomo Nakamura

   We have succeeded in measuring resonance frequencies in nanomaterials, including ultrathin films and nanowires, where representative dimensions are in 10 nanometers. This method uses the pump-probe technique, where the pump light pulse causes vibrations in the nanomaterials, which are det...

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Computational materials design for semiconductor spintronics

Design of ‘co-doping’ for (Ga, Mn)As as a Route to higher TC

Prof. Hiroshi Katayama-Yoshida, Guest Associate Prof. Kazunori Sato

  In the present semiconductor electronics, information processing is realized by controlling the electric current. In principle, we can achieve high-speed computation by downsizing the processors and shortening the travel distance of electrons. However, it is easily recognized that this directi...

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Physicochemical Properties and Functions of Gas Hydrates

A Key Component for Solving Global Environmental and Energy Issues

Professor: Kazunari Ohgaki, Associate Professor: Hiroshi Sato, Assistant Professor: Takeshi Sugahara

 Gas hydrate (clathrate hydrate) is a solid crystal composed of the cage-structure of water molecules and the gas molecule (such as H2, CH4) inside the cage.  One of the significant advantages of gas hydrate is “gas hydrate can store a large amount of gas inside it”. From the point ...

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