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Metal Nanoparticle Catalyst

Development of newly designed metal nanoparticle catalysts for environmentally-benign chemical proce

Prof. Koichiro JITSUKAWA, Assoc.Prof. Tomoo MIZUGAKI, Assist.Prof. Takato MITSUDOME

   "Catalyst" is essential for conversion of materials and energy. It makes our daily necessaries, and moreover, it exists in our body. For construction of environmentally-benign chemical processes, we are preparing high-performance catalysts according to the concert effect between metal nanop...

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Molecules that illuminate by sound

Development of novel illuminating technologies based on the ultrasound-induced molecular aggregation

Professor: Takeshi Naota, Associate Professor: Naruyoshi Komiya

Instant and precise control of phosphorescent emission can be performed by ultrasound-induced gelation of organic liquids with chiral, clothespin-shaped trans-bis(salicylaldiminato)Pt(II) complexes.  Non-emissive solutions of racemic, short-linked complex and optically pure, long-linked one in ...

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Disclosed difference between gold and silver other than color

Probing atomic orbital character in solids by polarization-dependent hard x-ray photoemission

Professor Akira Sekiyama, Associate Professor Takayuki Kiss, Assistant Professor Hidenori Fujiwara

  More than 100 years ago, Einstein revealed the principle of photoelectric effects based on the concept of photon (energy quanta), for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. In Sekiyama Laboratory in Division of Materials Physics, the electronic structures of materials are investigat...

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Statistical analysis for stochastic processes

For the development of statistical methods for finance and insurance

Professor・Masayuki Uchida, Associate professor・Yasutaka Shimizu

Statistical inference for financial models and insurance models and its application to data analysis are mainly studied in Uchida laboratory. Applying mathematical statistics to mathematical finance and actuarial mathematics, we analyze phenomena of financial and insurance market based on statistica...

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Aiming for Unification of Non-linear Science

Collaborative Research and Researcher Exchange Project with European Countries

Professor・Suzuki, Takashi, Associate Professor・Okado, Masato, Assistant Professor・Takahashi, Ryo

We, at Suzuki Lab, are performing/studying theoretical analysis, which is based on the leading-edge mathematical methods, by formularization of non-linear problems while observing the phenomenon and understanding principles on Physics, Chemistry and Biology, etc., and are developing numerical analys...

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Web Intelligence

- Toward Smooth Interactions between Human and the Web -

Prof:Shogo Nishida,Associate Prof:Yoshinori Hijikata,Assistant Prof:Nobuchika Sakata, Kyoko Ito

Nishida laboratory have been studying advanced human interfaces which support human-computer, human-human and human-society interactions. We take one of the research themes among the above interactions here. Actually, we introduce the study of Web intelligence. It helps people to work on intellectua...

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Semiconductor Spintronics: Understanding and controlling the electron spin in Research of spintronic

Professor:Masashi Shiraishi,Associate Professor:Takeshi Kanashima,Eiji Shikoh,Assistant Professor:Ma

   Spintronics is the field of electronics in which it utilizes and controls the two degrees of freedom of the electrons – charge and spin – to create and develop novel high-performance, multifunctional, and power-efficient semiconductor devices. Today, spintronics has advanced the...

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Title: Interactive 360-degree Fog Display Utilizing Motion Parallax

Professor Osamu Oshiro, Associate Professor Masataka Imura,Assistant Professor Yoshihiro Kuroda

Floating 3D image in the air --- the aim of this research is to develop a fog display which enables observers to recognize a 3D shape of virtual objects.   We propose a 360-degree observable fog display which provides different images according to observers’ position.   The key p...

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A Robotic Approach to Understand and Enhance Human Motor Skills

Professor Fumio Miyazaki, Associate Professor Hiroaki Hirai, Assistant Professor Mitsunori Uemura

   Miyazaki laboratory aims at constructing intelligent systems which enhance human abilities, and studies the efficient interaction and cooperation between humans and robots.    Our group investigates the skill enhancement systems from multilateral aspects according to the interaction ...

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“Research Front of Superconductivity Towards the Discovery of Room-temperature Superconductor”

Prof. Yoshio Kitaoka, Associate Prof. Hidekazu Mukuda, Assistant Prof. Mitsuharu Yashima

  “Superconductivity” - zero electrical resistance - was first discovered in 1911. Over the hundred years since then, many substances exhibiting superconductivity (SC) have been discovered. The upper right figure is a history of the discovery of superconducting materials and displays...

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Development of 3D tissues using hydrogels as templating materials

Professor: Masahito Taya, Associate Professor: Shinji Sakai, Assistant Professor: Yoshihiro Ojima

   One hopeful approach for treating patients with lost or damaged tissues/organs is the transplantation of artificial tissues to replace their functions. The majority of the reported artificial tissues developed in vitro have the common features of being quite thin or being constructed from c...

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