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Regulation of stereostructures of polymers

Professor Tatsuki Kitayama, Assistant Professor Takafumi Nishiura, Takehiro Kitaura, Yasuhiro Kohsak

   The late 20th century has been the “age of plastics”, as you see them everywhere in everyday life. Polymers or macromolecules are the compounds that constitute plastics, rubbers, textiles and so on, which are normally produced from “monomers” through chemical reactio...

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Make use of Waste Heat via Organic Molecules

‐Thermoelectricity of Single Molecular Junctions‐

associate professor Ryo Yamada

   Nowadays, considerable quantity of energy is wasted as heat. Thermoelectric materials that generate electricity from temperature gradients are of particular interest because they can convert the waste heats to useful electricity. Especially, thermoelectric conversion around room temperature...

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Stochastic analysis on fractals

Professor Masanori Hino

Research Group of Stochastic Analysis consists of Prof. Masanori Hino and Associate Prof. Watanabe Yusuke. The following is an introduction to Professor Hino's research.   Stochastic analysis on fractal sets as a means of building mathematical models of natural phenomena, such as heat transfe...

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Associate Professor Etsuo Kumagai

  Data Science Research Group Members: Professor Yutaka Kano, Associate Professor Etsuo Kumagai, and Assistant Professor Kengo Kamatani.  The following is an introduction by Associate Professor E. Kumagai.   Included here are sample mean and sample variance using data-based statist...

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Intelligent Projection Mapping

Ubiquitous Projection Supporting Daily Activities

Prof. Kosuke Sato, Assoc. Prof. Daisuke Iwai, Assis. Prof. Sei Ikeda, Assis. Prof. Shunsuke Yoshimot

Have you heard about "Projection Mapping"? Projection mapping is one of video expressions in which dynamic image contents are projected onto the surfaces of various objects such as a car or a building. It changes their appearances in such a way that the car is apparently running but actually static ...

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Highly stable and High Efficiency Thin Film Silicon Based Solar Cells

Prof: Hiroaki Okamoto, Associate Prof: Kiminori Hattori, Assistant Prof: Yasushi Sobajima

It is well recognized that the establishment of new energy resources is of prime importance to build a sustainable modern society.  One of the promising ways is “Solar Photovoltaics”, based upon solar cells.  At present, wide-spread used solar cells are made of crystalline sili...

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Human bipedal walking: Computational model and its application

Prof: Masao Tanaka, Associate Prof: Takeshi Matsumoto, Assistant Prof: Hisashi Naito

   Bipedal walking is a typical locomotive motion in human being. The motor control mechanism is not fully revealed for human bipedal walking, and understanding its mechanism is a big research topic. It is also an important issue for establishing a design process of advanced gait assistive dev...

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Atomistic scale slow dynamics simulation

Understanding of slow dynamics phenomena in solid materials

Prof: Shigenobu Ogata, Associate Prof: Hajime Kimizuka, Assistant Prof: Masato Wakeda

   Solid materials, such as crystalline metals and glasses, are widely used for industrial products around us. An understanding of structures and properties of solid materials from an atomistic viewpoint helps to improve material properties and also to develop new materials. Using atomistic si...

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Visualization of gas elements released from solid materials by fracturing

Material testing apparatus with a mass spectrometer and a high-speed microscope

Prof: Hidetoshi Kobayashi, Associate Prof: Keitaro Horikawa, Assistant Prof: Kenichi Tanigaki

   We have studied the fracture phenomenon of solid materials with hydrogen charging. Recently, the methods to utilize hydrogen have been developed as a promising energy source in the future, such as fuel cell system. Metallic materials are widely used as the component of the hydrogen energy s...

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Spectroscopy connecting light and radio wave

Ultrabroadband time domain spectroscopy for infrared light and radio wave

Professor: Masaaki Ashida, Associate Professor: Masaya Nagai, Assistant Professor: Eiichi Matsubara

   Our laboratory is investigating frontier materials using spectroscopy to create novel optical devices. As seen in the above figure, visible light shown with a rainbow is nothing but electromagnetic wave which includes radio wave. Covering very wide frequency region enables us to obtain lots...

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