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Rocks are broken by impact, accompanied by electromagnetic waves !

~ For prediction of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions ~

Professor・Hidetoshi Kobayashi

It is well known that electromagnetic phenomena preceding earthquakes are often observed. However, the mechanism by which these electromagnetic waves are generated during fracture and deformation of rocks has not been fully identified. Therefore, in order to examine the relationship between the elec...

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Light manipulates nanostructure, nanostructure does light

- Design of light-nanostructure interaction for creating novel photo-functions -

Prof. Hajime Ishihara Assist. Prof. Tomohiro Yokoyama

The light-matter interaction has been a central subject in a variety of research fields such as physics, chemistry and so on. In particular, nanostructures have been attracting attention because of their peculiar nature not existing in bulk materials. The individual nanostructures exhibit their spec...

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Bio-Inspired Chemical Engineering Based on Self-Assembled Membrane

~ Next Chemical Engineering Science to Regulate Molecular Behaviors ~

Prof. Hiroshi Umakoshi Assoc. Prof. Yukihiro Okamoto Assist. Prof. Keishi Suga

A “Biomembrane” is a highly-organized self-assembly of biomolecules (i.e. lipid, protein etc.) and a key interface for the survival of biological cell. The “Membranome” can be defined as the properties of vesicle (or liposome), which arise from the bilayer molecular assembly ...

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Chemistry for photosynthesis and artificial photosynthesis

For the fundamental solution of energy and environmental problems

Professor・Shuji Nakanishi, Assistant professor・Kazuhide Kamiya  In natural photosynthesis, organic matters are synthesized from carbon dioxide and water using sunlight as an energy source. It goes without saying that it is wonderful, if the functions of photosynthesis can be artificially r...

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Quantum communication with photons and atoms toward a global quantum network.

Quantum interface connecting various physical systems

  In various physical systems including materials and light, elemental quantum operations have been mostly demonstrated so far. Some of those are used for complex tasks nowadays. A significant example is a prototype of cloud quantum computing service offered in north America. In order to r...

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Mathematical statistics and applications to statistical modeling for stochastic processes

For the development of big dependent data analysis

Professor・Masayuki Uchida, Associate professor・Kengo Kamatani, Assistant professor・Yoshikazu Terada

We have mainly been studying (1) statistical inference for stochastic processes, (2) computational statistics and (3) statistical learning theory in our laboratory. In particular, applications to statistical finance, actuarial mathematical statistics, statistical seismology, survival analysis, Bayes...

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Learning Graphical Models and its Application to Genome Information Processing

Mathematical Science Division Professor Joe Suzuki

The problem of finding the function for which each gene posses information is an important issue in bio-informatics. In our laboratory, we address causal relations between gene expression (protein production) and SNP (single nucleotide) based on statistical processing.We estimate mutual information ...

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Search for the Principles of Robotic Grasping and Manipulation

Kensuke Harada・Professor

While a human can skillfully manipulate a daily object, a human often does not realize that he/she is performing a very difficult task. Making a robot perform a task like a human is a very interesting and challenging research topic. For example, let us consider making robot cook food. Even if a robo...

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Dynamics of bio and functional materials at atomic and nano scale

Development of ultra-high spatial and time resolution scanning probe microscopy

Center for Science and Technology under Extreme Conditions Prof. Dr. ABE, Masayuki

Everyone knows that everything including our body is made up of atoms and molecules, but there are many things that we do not know yet as to how atoms and molecules function. Our research group is developing "Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)" which enables observation of samples at atomic and nano scal...

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Mechanisms of cellular mechanotransduction and mechanocontrol

– Revealing the function of living cells modulated by mechanical cues

Deguchi Lab

  It has recently become clear that the function of cells is highly dependent on the surrounding mechanical factors such as the stiffness and 3D geometry of the microenvironment. Upon the mechanical inputs, cells exhibit changes in morphology, structure, signaling, and gene expression that all ...

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Controlled Rejuvenation of Amorphous Metals

Recovering Well-Aged Amorphous Metals

Professor Ogata Research Group

Rejuvenation is the configurational excitation of amorphous materials and is one of the more promising approaches for improving the deformability of amorphous metals that usually exhibit macroscopic brittle fracture modes. Here, we propose a method to control the level of rejuvenation through syste...

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