INSD Summer School / ナノサイエンス夏の学校

Dear foreign students and young researchers of Graduate School of
Engineering Science,

Here, we would like to advertize our INSD Summer School 2016 on
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, which will be held during Monday, July
24th and Thursday, August 3rd except for Sunday, July 31st and (Schedule
B) during Monday, August 30th. We will invite four lecturers from top
European and USA universities and each of them will deliver live 8
lectures that are taught in English. It will be held at INSD Seminar
Room 305 on the 3rd floor of Interdisciplinary Research Building (No.91)
in Toyonaka Campus.
The summer school aims at fostering international young talent on
nanoscience and nanotechnology. The program consists of four topics. Two
topics are offered from Toyonaka, Osaka University. Prof. Watanabe
(Lehigh Univ., USA) will explainTransmission Electron Microscopy from
fundamental principles to applications to materials science. Dr. Gourdon
(University Paris VI, France) will explain Nanophotonics and
spintronics including various kinds of magneto-optical effects and
optical imaging for spin dynamics. The other two topics will be sent
from University of Tsukuba through video conference systems.
The deadline for application to join the summer school in Osaka is
Friday, July 14th. Please send the application form to Nanoprogram
office .
For details, please look at the pamphlet attached or the following
Graduate and undergraduate students and staff members other than nano-
program students are also welcome. One unit of credit is given to those
graduate students attended on one topic as “International Exchange
Lectures on Nanoscience andNanoengineering B or C”. One can take at most
two topics for getting credits. We also allow partial attendance
according to individual schedule if the credit is not required.
Specially, those students desiring to take nanoprogram, but being not
good at Japanese, can transfer two units of credit of the summer school
to otherwise required module, “Nanotechnology Career-up Lectures for
Social, Legal, Ethical Relationship”.

We earnestly look forward to your participation.
Tadashi Itoh

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