The Advising Room for International Students in the Department /Graduate School of Engineering Science

Review of the Room

Since this room was founded in 1994, we have expanded our functions with the cooperation of many people and faculty staff of the School/ Graduate School.

Our room has worked and co-operated with international students of our School/ Graduate School in order to provide support and to improve campus lives. We provide information about daily life, study guides, and other things that you want to know so that you could use our office as a place for community activities. In addition to international students, foreign researchers with their families and Japanese students are welcomed.

11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays
Building A 3rd floor (A325), Graduate School of Engineering Science
Office Chief
Hiroshi Umakoshi (Professor, Department of Materials Engineering Science)
Office Manager
Kosuke Morikawa (Associate Professor, Department of System Innovation)
Office Assistant
Naoko Nakanishi


  • Administrative procedures of University, National health insurance, the National Pension, Income / Tax declaration, and so on.
  • Information about studying Japanese; providing extra assistance for struggling foreign students in cooperation with relevant teachers.
  • Friendships/professional involvements between foreigners and Japanese people through inter-faculty or inter-university activities; such as six-month tutoring system by (mainly) Japanese staff for fresh international students, English conversation (English Hour) and Japanese conversation (Japanese Hour).


We have social parties for international students two times per year, in order to encourage communication between international students, Japanese students, and academic staff.
Bus Tour
To experience Japanese culture, nature, and industries. This provides an opportunity to relax and understand Japan for international students. We will plan a special one-day bus trip once a year.

Sigma Ryugakusei kai (Sigma International Students Association)
'Sigma Ryugakusei kai' organized by Japanese and international students of School of Engineering Science provides social activities such as English Hour and Japanese Hour.