How to request the issuance of certificates for alumni and graduates of Osaka University

How to order various certificates

Fill in the necessary information on the "Application form for Certificates" and send it with a self-addressed stamped envelope as well as some form of legal ID (copy of driver's license, passport or insurance card etc.) or submit them to the section in charge (Students Affairs Section or the Graduate Students Section).

*We will not be able to issue your certificate(s) the same day that your request arrives. We ask for your understanding.
*You will not be able to apply for certificates via telephone, fax or email
*After the certificate is issued, the ID confirmation document will be discarded in a proper manner.

What to prepare

  • You will need to prepare a self-addressed envelope.
  • Size of envelope
    Type of envelope: standard-size envelope rectangular form No.3 (the certificate will be folded into three).
    Up to eight certificates can be mailed in one envelope of this type.
    If you need nine or more certificates, if the certificate needs to be in a sealed envelope, or if the certificate should not be folded, please use a non-standard envelope square form No.2.
  • Postage fee (domestic)
    Postage fees will differ according to how many certificates you order. Refer to the chart below and put the proper amount of stamps on the envelope. Note that there may be a number of pages for academic transcripts (undergraduate students). Also, please note that this is only a guide for reference. If you are not sure whether the postage you have prepared is enough, we ask that you include some extra stamps just in case. We will return stamps that we do not need to use.
Standard envelope Non-standard envelope
1 sheet 84 yen
(up to 25g)
120 yen
(up to 50g)
2 sheets
3 sheets
4 sheets 94 yen
(up to 50g)
5 sheets
6 sheets
7 sheets
8 sheets 140 yen
(up to 100g)
9 sheets Please use non-standard envelopes
10 sheets
11 sheets
12 sheets
For your reference

・Certificate (A4 size) = approx. 5g
・Certificate (B4 size) = approx. 7

Transcripts for undergrad alumni graduated before 1996 use B4 size paper.

・Return envelope (square form no.2) = approx. 15g

・Sealed envelope = approx. 6g

*The above postage fee pertains to A4 size certificates.
*If you would like to have your documents delivered via express, be sure to add an additional 290 yen to the above postage fee.

  • Sealed envelopes
    Sealed envelopes are official envelopes of the university containing your certificate folded in three and stamped with the official seal. The certificate is printed on paper that prevents forgery. If you are asked to submit a certificate enclosed in a sealed envelope, please let us know.
    If you will be submitting documents to the same company or institution, we can put your certificate of graduation and transcript together in one sealed envelope. If more than one is necessary, please refer to the postage fee calculation below:
    [(1 certificate of graduation + 1 transcript +1 sealed envelope) + self-addressed return envelope = postage fee for___g
  • Overseas orders for certificates

    Make sure to confirm the appropriate postage fee.
    If you cannot send Japanese postage stamps, International Reply Coupons will be accepted.
    The price for 1 International Reply Coupon is 150 yen. This is the equivalent of a 130 yen postage stamp in Japan, so please make the appropriate calculation.

*For your reference (Japan Post website)
For domestic mail
For international mail

Processing Time *Domestic

  • We will not be able to issue certificates during the following: Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, end/beginning of the year, summer break, entrance exam dates etc.
  • In principle, the certificates will be issued according to the chart below; however, it would be ideal for you to place your order in advance to avoid any delays due to sudden system failures, etc.
Types of certificates Japanese English
Certificate of Graduation Issued 3-5 days after "Application form for Certificates" is Accepted Issued 7-10 days after "Application form for Certificates" is accepted
Certificate of Completion
Certificate of Withdrawal
Certificate of Period of Enrollment
Degree Award Certificate (*)
Certificate on Academic Ability
Certificate for Teaching License
Issued 10 days after "Application form for Certificates" is accepted -

*If the subject of the thesis is not registered in English, the subject will not appear on the certificate written in English.

Proxy application

If the alumni himself/herself cannot order the certificate(s) due to special circumstances, please include the following documents in order to carry out a proxy application.
1) Letter of attorney (written personally by the alumni himself/herself).
2) Legal ID of the proxy such as a copy of his/her driver’s license, passport or insurance card, etc.

For those who have changed their family name after graduation/completion

As we will not be able to find your name if your family name has been changed due to marriage etc., a document which shows that you have changed your family name (e.g. a copy of a family register extract, etc.) must be submitted separately for identification.

Where to send the Application form for Certificates/Where to contact

  • Certificates for undergraduates/Certificate for Teaching License (Type 1・Special course)
    Certificate on Academic Ability
    Student Affairs Section, Graduate School of Engineering Science Osaka University
    1-3 Machikaneyama, Toyonaka, Osaka 560-8531, Japan
    Tel: 06-6850-6152
  • Certificates for graduate school
    Graduate Students Section, Graduate School of Engineering Science Osaka University
    1-3 Machikaneyama, Toyonaka, Osaka 560-8531, Japan
    Tel: 06-6850-6146

*If you need to order certificates from both the undergraduate and graduate school, please do so via the Student Affairs Section.