Academic Staff

Department of Materials Engineering Science

Division of Materials Physics

Area of Electron Correlation Physics
  • Theory Group of Strongly Correlated Systems
  • Prof. Satoshi FUJIMOTO
  • Keywords
    Topological insulators and superconductors, Exotic superconductors, Strongly correlated electron systems, Quantum magnetism, Quantum criticality, Mathematical physics
  • Experiment Group for Spectroscopy of Correlated Materials
  • Prof. Akira SEKIYAMA
  • Keywords
    Polarization-dependent bulk-sensitive photoelectron spectroscopy (hard X-ray and extremely low-energy excitation)and its Dichroism, High-resolution laser-based angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
Area of Quantum Physics of Nanoscale Materials
  • Emergent Functional Material Science Group
  • Prof. Shintaro ISHIWATA
  • Keywords
    Correlated electron systems, Topological materials, High pressure synthesis, Crystal growth, Thermoelectric, Superconductivity, Quantum transport phenomena, Structural analysis
Area of Quantum Materials Physics
  • Interface Quantum Science
  • Prof. Daichi CHIBA
  • Keywords
    First-principles calculation, Condensed matter theory, Materials prediction and design, Magnetism, Ferroelectricity, Superconductivity, Multiferroics
  • Theoretical Nanotechnology
  • Prof. MINAMITANI Emi
  • Keywords
    Computational materials science, Condensed matter physics, Ab-initio calculation, Application of machine-learning technique for materials science

Division of Chemistry

Area of Synthetic Chemistry
  • Physical Organic Chemistry Chemistry Group
  • Prof. Ryo SHINTANI
  • Keywords
    Reaction Development, Mechanistic Analysis, Functional Molecule Synthesis, Structure-Property Evaluation, Catalytic Reaction, Asymmetric Catalysis
  • Molecular Assembly Chemistry Group
  • Prof. Ichiro HISAKI
  • Keywords
    Supramolecular Chemistry, Crystal Engineering, Functional Crystalline Material, Porous Organic Framework, Gas Absorbent, Hydrogen Bond
Area of Molecular Organization Chemistry
  • Surface Chemistry Group
  • Prof. Kenichi FUKUI
  • Keywords
    Energy Conversion, Electrode Interfaces, Ionic Liquid Interfacial Chemistry, Catalytic Reaction Mechanism, Electron Transfer at Interfaces
  • Biological Chemistry Group
  • Prof. Shigenori IWAI
  • Keywords
    Nucleic acids chemistry, Chemical synthesis of oligonucleotides, DNA damage, DNA repair, Biomolecular recognition, Protein–nucleic acid interactions
Area of Solar Energy Chemistry
  • Solar Energy Conversion Group
  • Prof. Shuji NAKANISHI
  • Keywords
    Light-to-chemical energy conversion, Photofunctional materials, Photoelectrocatalysts, Electrocatalytic reactions, Photosynthesis

Division of Chemical Engineering

Area of Chemical Reaction Engineering
  • Nanoreaction Engineering Group
  • Prof. Norikazu NISHIYAMA
  • Keywords
    Chemical reaction engineering, porous materials, inorganic membranes, liquid crystals
  • Quantum Chemical Engineering Group
  • Prof. Yasutaka KITAGAWA
  • Keywords
    Quantum nonlinear optics, Materials-oriented quantum chemistry, Open-shell molecular systems, Quantum dynamics
  • High Performance Catalyst Group
  • Prof. Tomoo MIZUGAKI
  • Keywords
    Green Chemistry, Environmentally-benign organic synthesis, Inorganic crystallites, Heterogeneous catalysis, Biomass, Metal nanoparticles
Area of Environment and Energy System
  • Transport Phenomena Control Group
  • Prof. Yasunori OKANO
  • Keywords
    Control of Heat and Mass Trasnfer, Liquid-Liquid Interface, Phase Change, Computational Fluid Dynamics
Area of Bioprocess Engineering
  • Bio-Inspired Chemical Engineering Group
  • Prof. Hiroshi UMAKOSHI
  • Keywords
    Bio-Inspired Chemical Engineering, Self-Assemblies, Engineering Science of Liposome, Molecular Recognition, Artificial Enzyme, Bioseparation
Area of Solar Energy Chemistry
  • Energy and Photochemical Engineering Group
  • Prof. Takayuki HIRAI
  • Keywords
    Photocatalysts, Highly Selective Transformation of Organic Compounds, Artificial Photosynthesis, Photoluminescent Molecular Devices and Sensors

Department of Materials Engineering Science

Division of Frontier Materials Science

Area of Frontier Materials
  • Molecular Electronics Research Group
  • Prof. Hirokazu TADA
  • Keywords
    Experimental and Theoretical Studies on Molecular-based and Molecular-scale Electronics, Spintronics and Thermoelectronics, and on Novel Molecular Architectures utilizing Fluctuations towards Brain-like Devices
  • Correlated Molecular Functions Group
  • Prof. Tetsuro KUSAMOTO
  • Keywords
    Synthesis of Novel Materials, Organic Radicals, Transition Metal Complexes, Metal Nanoclusters, Structual Analysis, Correlated Electric-Magnetic-Photonic Functions, Electronic Structures, Catalytic Reactions
  • Theoretical Group of Photophysics in Nanomaterials
  • Prof. Hajime ISHIHARA
  • Keywords
    Microscopic theory of light-matter interaction, Photo-functional design with nano-materials, Optical manipulation of nanostructures, Theory of nonlinear optical response of solids (Elucidation and prediction of new phase of matters under extreme conditions,The first-principles calculations and its development based on the quantum simulation)
Area of Dynamics of Nanoscale Materials
  • Experimental Research Group for Coherence of Nanoscale Materials
  • Prof. Masaaki ASHIDA
  • Keywords
    Optical properties of semiconductor ultrathin films and nanoparticles, and strongly-correlated electron systems, Nonlinear laser spectroscopy, Ultrafast time-resolved spectroscopy, THz spectroscopy, SEMcathodoluminescence, Optical fabrication and manipulation of nanoparticles
  • Experimental Research Group for Fluctuation Dynamics in Condensed Phase
  • Keywords
Area of Quantum Science in Extreme Conditions
Area of Quantum Materials Engineering Science

Department of Mechanical Science and Bioengineering

Division of Nonlinear Mechanics

Area of Mechanics of Fluids and Thermo-fluids
  • Thermal Engineering and Science Group
  • Prof. Genta KAWAHARA
  • Keywords
    Subcritical transition to turbulence, Fully developed turbulence, Flow control, Heat transfer enhancement, Drag reduction
  • Fluid Mechanics Group
  • Prof. Susumu GOTO
  • Keywords
    Science and technology of nonlinear phenomena in fluid mechanics, Transport and mixing, Turbulent flows, Granular flows, Flows of complex fluids, Interfacial flows
Area of Mechanics of Solid Materials
  • Nanomechanics and Physics Group
  • Prof. Atsutomo NAKAMURA
  • Keywords
    Theory of Plasticity, Nanostructure and its Functionality, Dislocation Engineering, Photoplasticity, Transmission Electron Microscopy, Fracture, Inorganic Semiconductors, Ceramics, Hydrogen Energy Materials, Nano-diamond Composites, Biomimetics
  • Solid Mechanics Group
  • Prof. Ryuichi TARUMI
  • Keywords
    Theory of elasticity, Isogeometric analysis, Multiscale analysis, Mechanics of defects in solid, Large scale computation, Structure optimization,Mechanics of paper sheets, Resonant ultrasound spectroscopy, Gas sensor, Dynamics of colloidal materials

Division of Mechanical Engineering

Area of Propulsion Engineering
  • Molecular Fluid Dynamics Group
  • Prof. Satoyuki KAWANO
  • Keywords
    Molecular fluid dynamics for life science, environmental technology, and space engineering. Nanoscale medical device, Numerical design of next-generation battery, Atmospheric flow on planets, Micro/nanoscale multiphase flow, Coexistence of flow field and fluctuation, Ionic current, Non-equilibrium gas flow
  • Fluids Engineering Research Group
  • Prof. Kazuyasu SUGIYAMA
  • Keywords
    Multiphase Flows, Cavitating Flows, Flow Control, Numerical Scheme and Algorithm, High Performance Computing, Optical Measurements
Area of Mechano-informatics
  • Human Motor Control and Human Enhancement Group
  • Prof. Atsushi NISHIKAWA
  • Keywords
    Computer assisted surgery, Medical robotics, Endoscopic surgery assistance, Skilled and coordinated movements, Functional electrical stimulation, Neurorehabilitation, Sports science, Human enhancement technology
  • Theoretical Solid Mechanics Group
  • Prof. Shigenobu OGATA
  • Keywords
    Multiscale-multiphysics modeling for the deformation, fracture, corrosion, and friction behaviors of materials, Prediction and design of the mechanical properties of materials, Electronic and atomistic simulation, Micro-Meso-Macromechanics, Structural materials with high strength and ductility, Nanostructured Materials, Amorphous materials, NanoMaterials

Division of Bioengineering

Area of Biomechanical Engineering
  • Biomechanics Group
  • Prof. Shigeo WADA
  • Keywords
    Biomechanics of cells, tissues, and organs, Functional adaptation and remodeling, Computational biomechanics, Biofluid dynamics, Biomechanical Imaging, Biomolecular dynamics
  • Neuromechanics Group
  • Prof. Shinya AOI
  • Keywords
    Dynamics and control of human movement, Animal locomotion, Modeling and simulation of neuro-musculo-skeletal system, Dynamical systems theory and computational neuroscience, Dynamics and control of legged robots, Healthcare system
Area of Biophysical Engineering
  • Bio-Dynamics Group
  • Prof. Taishin NOMURA
  • Keywords
    Nonlinear dynamical system theory and its application to biology, Human motor control, Posture abd Gait, Biological rhythms, Cardiac arrhythmias, Systems physiology, Biosignal processing, Homeodynamics, Bio-big data analysis
  • Bio-physics and Data Science Group
  • Prof. Ken KIYONO
  • Keywords
    Biological statistical physics, Nonlinear time series analysis and its application to biosignals, Biomedical big-data analysis, Healthcare cyber-physical system.
Area of Biomedical and Biophysical Measurements
  • Molecular BioMeasurement Group
  • Prof. Shinji DEGUCHI
  • Keywords
    Measurement and theoretical/numerical analysis on living cell functions, Mechanism of cellular homeostasis/adaptation, Active soft matter physics, Bioengineering-based drug repositioning
  • Bioimaging Group
  • Prof. Osamu OSHIRO
  • Keywords
    Bioimaging, Smartsensing, Active Presentation, Displays System, VR/AR, Computer Vision SLAM,. Image Instrumentation, Sensory Information Process, Mechatronics, Functional Material, Digital Fabrication, Soft Mechanism, Food Design

Department of Systems Innovation

Division of Advanced Electronics and Optical Science

Area of Solid State Electronics
  • Nano-electronics Group
  • Prof. Akira SAKAI
  • Keywords
    Group-Ⅳ semiconductor materials, Nitride semiconductor materials, Nanodots, Functional memory devices, Thermoelectric devices, Syncrotron radiation X-ray microdiffraction, Transmission electron microscopy
  • Nanostructure Physics Group
  • Prof. Yoshiaki NAKAMURA
  • Keywords
    Nanostructure physics, Low-dimensional structures / Superlattices, Thermoelectric conversion, Phonon engineering, Group-Ⅳ semiconductor materials, Transparent oxide materials, Molecular beam epitaxy
  • Nano-physics Device Group
  • Prof. Kohei HAMAYA
  • Keywords
    Semiconductor spintronics, Low-temperature MBE, Metal/Semiconductor interface, Semiconductor/Oxide interface, Flexible electronics
Area of Advanced Quantum Devices and Electronics
  • Quantum Computing Group
  • Prof. Keisuke FUJII
  • Keywords
    Quantum computer, Quantum algorithm, Quantum complexity theory, Quantum error correction, Fault-tolerant quantum computing, Quantum machine learning, Quantum information theory, Quantum dynamicsWADA
Area of Optical Electronics
  • Microwave Photonics Group
  • Prof. Atsushi SANADA
  • Keywords
    Artificial metamaterials,Transformation optics, Invisibility cloaks, Photonics crystals, Microwave photonics, Integrated optical circuits, Optical modulators, Optical measurements, Optical scattering
  • Digital Photonics Group
  • Prof. Koji IGARASHI
  • Keywords
  • Molecular Photonics for Medicine Group
  • Prof. Takeo MINAMIKAWA
  • Keywords
Area of Advanced Electronics Under Extreme Conditions
  • Advanced Electronics Group
  • Prof. Masayuki ABE
  • Keywords
    Atom technology, NanoFbiology, Nanoelectronics, Scanning Probe Microscopy, Medical Enginnering, Nanometer analysis and characterization

Division of Systems Science and Applied Informatics

Area of System Theory
  • Systems Analysis Group
  • Prof. Youji IIGUNI
  • Keywords
    Signals and Systems Analysis, Adaptive System,Speech Intelligibility,Sparse Signal Processing, Mathematical Optimization
  • >Robot Mechanics Group
  • Prof. Kenjiro TADAKUMA
  • Keywords
Area of Intelligent Systems
  • Robot Learning Group
  • Prof. Takayuki NAGAI
  • Keywords
    Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cognitive Developmental Robotics, Symbol Emergence in Robotics, Service Robot, Emotion Model, Other Model, Social Intelligence Free Energy Principle, Soft Tactile Sensor
  • Intelligent Robotics Group
  • Prof. Hiroshi ISHIGURO
  • Keywords
    Human-Robot Interaction, Android Science, Communication robots, Learning and cognitive developmental Robot, Biomimetic system, Intelligent sensor network, Pattern recognition, Brain-Machine Interface
  • Pattern Measurement Group
  • Prof. Kosuke SATO
  • Keywords
    Vision Sensing, Image Engineering, 3D Measurement, Intelligent Sensing, Digital Archives, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Human Interface
  • Robotic Manipulation Group
  • Prof. Kensuke HARADA
  • Keywords
    Robot Manipulator, Motion Planning, Assembly, Human-Computer Interaction, Social Computing, Augmented Reality

Division of Mathematical Science

Area of Mathematical Modelling
  • Differential Equation Group
  • Prof. Takayuki KOBAYASHI
  • Keywords
    Nonlinear partial differential equations, Variational methods, Singularity formation, Mathematical fluid dynamics, Mathematical sciences
  • Applied Analysis Group
  • Prof. Michinori ISHIWATA
  • Keywords
    Mathematical models of phenomena, Nonlinear analysis, Nonliear differential equations, Variational methods, Dynamical systems, Blow-up analysis, Mathematical physics, Critical phenomena
Area of Statistical Science
  • Statistical Analysis Group
  • Prof. Jo SUZUKI
  • Keywords
    Sparse Estimation, Bayesian Networks, Machine Learning, Information Theory, Bioinformatics, Bayes Statistics, Information Geometry, Quantum Tomography
  • Data Science Research Group
  • Prof. Tomoyuki SUGIMOTO
  • Keywords
    Multivariate analysis, Structural equation modeling, Statistical causal inference, information loss, time series analysis, model selection

Division of Mathematical Science for Social Systems

Area of Mathematical and Statistical Finance
  • Research Group of Statistical Inference
  • Prof. Masayuki UCHIDA
  • Keywords
    Statistical inference for stochastic processes, High frequency data analysis, Actuarial mathematics, Monte Carlo methods, Bayesian Statistics, Mathematical statistics,Fractional Brownian motion
  • Research Group of Mathematical Modeling in Finance
  • Prof. Jun SEKINE
  • Keywords
    Long-term optimal investment, Dynamic portfolio selection, Asset price modeling, Stochastic control, Differential games, Dynamic programming equations, Optimal execution, Liquidity problem, Quantitative risk management
  • Research Group of Stochastic Analysis
  • Prof. Masaaki FUKASAWA
  • Keywords
    Stochastic integration, Stochastic differential equations, Fractional Brownian motion, Rough path analysis, Mathematical finance, Quantitative Finance, Computational finance, Financial engineering
  • Research Group of Stochastic Processes
  • Prof. Yuko YANO
  • Keywords
    Stochastic processes, Brownian motion, Diffusion processes, Levy processes, Martingales, Limit theorems, Arc-sine law, Excursion theory, Penalisation problems
Area of Theoretical Systems Science

Center for Science and Technology under Extreme Conditions

High-pressure Research Division
  • Prof.
    Katsuya SHIMIZU
Advanced Electronics Division
  • Prof.
    Masayuki ABE

Research Center for Solar Energy Chemistry

Division of Solar Energy Conversion
  • Prof.
Division of Energy and Photochemical Engineering
  • Prof.
    Takayuki HIRAI
Division of Fundamental Photochemistry
  • Assoc.Prof.
    Syoji ITO
Division of Quantum Photochemical Engineering
  • Prof.
    Yasutaka KITAGAWA
Division of Synthetic Photochemical Materials
  • Prof.
    Ichiro HISAKI
Division of Environmental Materials Design
  • Prof.
    Tomoo MIZUGAKI
Division of Instrumental Analysis
  • Prof.
    Takayuki HIRAI
Division of Industry-Academia Collaboration
  • Prof.

Center for Spintronics Research Network(CSRN)

Division of Spintronics Research and Developments(Device Design Facility)
  • Prof.
    Kohei HAMAYA

Center for Industry-University Collaboration

Industry-University Exchange Promotion Division
  • Assis.Prof.
    Toshihisa FUJIWARA
Industry-University Collaborative Education Division
  • Prof.
    Masaaki ASHIDA
Frontier Intelligent Sysytem Collaborative Laboratory
  • Specially Appointed Researcher
Daicel-Engineering Science Collaborative Laboratory
  • Specially Appointed Prof.
    Naoto OKUYAMA
Daifuku Logistics Automation Tech Collaborative Research Institute
  • Specially Appointed Researcher
    Takao NISHI
Computational Engineering Laboratory for Medical Instruments and Devices
  • Specially Appointed Researcher
    Kohei MURASE
ZEON Carbon-neutral Advanced Catalyst Collaborative Laborator
  • Assoc.Prof.
    Takato MITSUDOME

Campus Life Support Center

  • Lecturer
    Hideko UEHARA

Public Information and Promotion Office

  • Assoc.Prof.
    Toshihisa FUJIWARA

Education Planning and Promotion Office

  • Assoc.Prof.
    Kiyoshi OZAWA