Graduate School of Engineering Science

Dean : Shigeo Wada
Dept. Division Area
Materials Engineering Science Materials Physics Electron Correlation Physics
Quantum Physics of Nanoscale Materials
Chemistry Synthetic Chemistry
Molecular Organization Chemistry
Chemical Engineering Chemical Reaction Engineering
Environment and Energy System
Bioprocess Engineering
Frontier Materials Science Frontier Materials
Dynamics of Nanoscale Materials
Mechanical Science and Bioengineering Nonlinear Mechanics Mechanics of Fluids and Thermo-fluids
Mechanics of Solid Materials
Mechanical Engineering Propulsion Engineering
Bioengineering Biomechanical Engineering
Biophysical Engineering
Biomedical and Biophysical Measurements
Systems Innovation Advanced Electronics and Optical Science Solid State Electronics
Advanced Quantum Devices and Electronics
Optical Electronics
Systems Science and Applied Informatics System Theory
Intelligent Systems
Mathematical Science Mathematical Modelling
Statistical Science
Mathematical Science for Social Systems Mathematical and Statistical Finance
Theoretical Systems Science

School of Engineering Science

Administration Staff

Head Assistant Head General Affairs Section
Personnel Section
Accounting Section
Research Development Section
Supplies Section
Student Affairs Section
Graduate Students Section
Departmental Offices
The Advising Room for International Students

Technical Staff

Technical Leader (Mechanical Electronic) Technical Team (Mechanical)
Technical Team (Electronics)
Technical Leader (Material Biophysical Chemical) Technical Team (Materials and Biophysical)
Technical Team (Chemical)