Department of Electronics and Materials Physics

We are living in a resource-saving and intellectual information-oriented society with the basic respect for human life and dignity. In order to further develop such a society capable of efficiently controlling and co-owning a great deal of information, it becomes important to actualize the efficient production, storage, transmission and control of information and energy, and to supply, with severe selection, the material resources to maintain the society.
These requirements would be effectively fulfilled by the advanced science and technology of electrons and light.
It will become more and more necessary to investigate the new properties and useful functions of electrons and light, and to promote their materials development and the applications for devices and systems.
From the viewpoints mentioned above, we have combined "electrical engineering" and "materials physics" taking into account the human factors, and have organized the "Department of Electronics and Materials Physics", which covers a vast area from basic research to application. As for the education of students, a new curriculum has been organized to comply with the needs of the future society, with the aim of developing wider viewpoints and flexibility, as well as providing deeper knowledge. The freshmen all complete general classes for their basic major subjects, and the sophomores are divided into two sets of courses, i.e., the Division of Electronics and Division of Materials Physics.

Electronics Course

The Division of Electronics offers a curriculum which provides students with a firm foundation for more advanced study as well as for entering the professional field after graduation. Subjects are systematically and carefully selected in close collaboration with the material science course, and cover fundamentals of electrical and electronic circuits, electromagnetic field theory, material science for electronics, laser science and technology, and semiconductor electronics. Students also carry out a year length research project, joining each specialized laboratory in the electronics course.

Materials Physics Course

In the field of materials physics, the experimental and theoretical studies are performed on the search for new phenomena, the creation of new materials and the development of new instruments and methods, in order to get a better understanding of nature and to contribute to the forefront of science and technology. In this Division, the educational program provides the students with comprehensive subjects including basics of materials physics and their technological applications. The principles of modern physics on electricity, magnetism, light, heat, force and motion are studied in the first and second periods of the course. Experiments and exercises are included to get a deeper understanding of these subjects. In the next stage, subjects of applied materials physics, such as semiconductor physics, laser spectroscopy, magnetism, superconductivity and nano-science, are presented. In the final period, various cutting-edge problems on electrons, photons and their various mutual interactions will be studied as graduation subjects. In this way, the Division provides many young researchers and engineers of materials physics through the well-considered educational programs conducted by the world first-class researchers.