Department of Chemical Science and Engineering

Chemistry has been playing a key role in all fields of science and technology to create materials with new functions or enhanced performance and to solve such important problems as those concerning environment, resources, and energy. The Department of Chemical Science and Engineering is organized to cover the most important and rapidly growing fields in science and technology related to chemistry and chemical engineering, such as design and synthesis of new materials and construction and assessment of the systems for chemical conversion of materials and energy, in a variety of areas ranging from the molecular level to the living and global systems. In the first year, all students who take subjects for general education extend their knowledge of natural science and social science including foreign languages. After successfully completing the first year, students choose to proceed to the Course of Chemistry or the Course of Chemical Engineering. The second and third years provide essential grounding in chemical principles and chemical engineering principles. Formal lecture courses are supported by tutorial (exercise) work and laboratory work which are carried out in small groups. In the final year, all students must complete a thesis (research pr oject), which is carried out under direct contact with academic and research staff.

Course of Chemistry

Chemistry continues to be a fundamental field of science, which is indispensable to create materials with new functions or better performance, and is getting more and more important with the advances in all fields of science and technology. Moreover, its role in the 21st century will be tremendous as a key technology to solve such important problems as those concerning environment, resources, and energy. The research in the Course of Chemistry includes important topics of fundamental and applied chemistry, such as the development of environmentally benign chemical reactions, creation and development of functions of intelligent materials based organic molecules, polymers, and organometallic compounds and nano-particles that sustain the bottom-up approach of nanotechnology, elucidation and application of the biological functions of key molecules involved in heredity and photosynthesis. Moreover, in close collaboration with the Research Center for Solar Energy Chemistry, investigations on chemical utilization of solar energy are keenly conducted. Accordingly, the education in this course is mainly focused on the basics of chemical bonding and chemical reactions, but also on the related area in physics and biology, to promote self-established graduates who are capable of developing new fields of chemistry and its interdisciplinary area.

Course of Chemical Engineering

Research and education on fundamental engineering sciences and advanced technologies for material and energy conversion systems are indispensable for developing an environmentally friendly and sustainable society with recycling systems on Earth. The research section of the Course of Chemical Engineering covers not only fundamental studies on elucidation of the phenomena in chemical conversion processes, which deal with material synthesis and separation, energy conversion and storage, and design and development of functional materials with high conversion efficiencies, but also application studies on development of novel industrial processes including studies on solving energy and global environmental problems. The research projects are being conducted based on the latest information in chemistry, biochemistry, physics, mathematics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, computer science and quantum science, and the final results obtained are integrated as new knowledge and methodologies into chemical engineering education. In modern technological society, chemical engineers play an essential role in the analysis, design, and development of material and energy conversion systems in various industrial and environmental processes. A high level education is being conducted in our undergraduate course so that each student grows to be a self-established researcher and/or engineer in the field of chemical engineering. It closely collaborates with the Research Center for Solar Energy Chemistry.