Department of Information and Computer sciences

The Department of Information and Computer Sciences aims at educating undergraduate students to acquire basic scientific ability and technological mastery in the fields of informatics and mathematical science. After one year of general education including basic courses in computer science, students are required to enter one of the three courses offered by Divisions of Computer Science, Software Science, and Mathematical Science. Almost ninety percent of the students proceed to the graduate program, after completion of 4 years of the undergraduate program or 3 years of high achievement. Many other students go to electronic, computer, communication, or software industries after graduation. The Divisions of Computer Science and Software Science share the education program aiming at fundamental training in computer science and software science. The Division of Mathematical Science includes both applied mathematics and statistical sciences.

Computer Science Course

Computer Science Course provides education and research on the theoretical foundation of computer science and the design and development of information systems: computational theory, information theory, disital circuit design, computer architecture, bioinformatics, computer network, and IoT mobile systems.

Software Science Course

Software Science Course provides education and research on the theory, design, and application of software science such as algorithm design, program design, programming languages, database systems, operating systems, human interface, artificial intelligence, and pattern information processing systems.

Mathematical Science Course

Mathematical Science aims at approaching phenomena through the development and analysis of mathematical models. Our research and education focus in particular on the following subjects: differential equation, applied analysis, statistical machine learning, data science, statistical inference and decision, mathematicalfinance, and stochastic analysis.