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High school students from Thailand visit two research laboratories at the Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University

    Ten high school students and two professors from Suankularb Wittayalai School, a prestigious public secondary school in Bangkok, Thailand visited the Graduate School of Engineering Science at Osaka University on December 6, 2019. They had the opportunity to visit two laboratories: Ishiguro Laboratory and Sato Laboratory (System Science and Applied Informatics).

    The students were excited to be able to observe cutting-edge research equipment as well as experience experiments being conducted in front of their eyes. This was led by Assistant Prof. Punpongsanon who is from the Kingdom of Thailand (Sato Laboratory) and Specially Appointed Assistant Prof. Mahzoon (Ishiguro Laboratory), and the students were seen diligently taking notes and asking many questions.



    Lastly, they had the chance to meet Assoc. Prof. Okabe at the Advisement Office for International Students. They developed an understanding about student life and research at Osaka University through Assoc. Prof. Okabe’s explanation regarding how the office offers our international students support and advice throughout their stay.