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Invite those from Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City (VNUHCMC-University of Science) interested in advancing to the double degree program at OU-GSES

    The Graduate School of Engineering Science at Osaka University (OU-GSES) had the pleasure of welcoming 10 undergraduate students, one professor and one coordinator (total 12 people) from Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City (VNUHCMC-University of Science) to take part in the Sakura Science/Science and Technology Experience Course from September 8 through 14 (approx. one week).

    During this course, they were introduced to cutting-edge research done at OU-GSES, took tours of our facility, had the chance to enjoy student exchange, and were busy experiencing many things during their stay.

    This program is aimed at inviting those from VNUHCMC (University of Science) interested in advancing to the double degree program at OU-GSES in order to provide them with hands-on experience and knowledge that will help them to see for themselves the potential of furthering their research here without any worries or doubts. The following is a daily report of what the program had in store for them.

    *Day1 and Day7 are moving days.


    A welcome meeting was held in the morning at the Engineering Science International Building at Toyonaka Campus. After a welcome speech by Prof. Kano (Dean), Assoc. Prof. Hieu gave some words of greeting. Students from each university introduced themselves in order to get to know each other better.

    (Photo: At the Engineering Science International Building) Here, some students from VNUHCMC are pictured with Prof. Kano, Dean.


    After introductions, the group toured the Museum of Osaka University.

    (Photo: At the Museum of Osaka University)


    In the afternoon, detailed information was given regarding the double degree program, the flow of the schedule and information about the program in general. In addition, they were taken to the Advisement Office for International Students and were given the opportunity to talk with students from abroad studying at the Graduate School of Engineering Science.

    A welcome party was held in their honor in the evening, where they had time to talk to Japanese students as well.

    (Photo: At the welcome party)



    The morning was spent touring four laboratories: Iwai Laboratory (Chemistry Division), Umakoshi Laboratory (Chemical Engineering Division), Tada Laboratory (Frontier Materials Science), and Ishiwata Laboratory (Mathematical Science Division).

    (Photo: At Iwai Laboratory)


    (Photo: At Umakoshi Laboratory)


    (Photo: At Tada Laboratory)


    (Photo: At Ishiwata Laboratory)


    In the afternoon, a student exchange seminar was held with Japanese students from the Graduate School of Engineering Science, where presentations on their research projects were made by students from both universities, followed by discussions.


    Assoc. Prof. Okabe took the group on a tour of SPring-8(the world’s highest performance synchrotron radiation facility)in the morning, and Daikin Technology and Innovation Center in the afternoon. On seeing the most advanced technology during the tour, one student remarked, “To be able to witness the most modern form of technology is truly amazing.”

    (Photo: At SPring-8)


    (Photo: At Daikin Technology and Innovation Center)



    Assistant Prof. Suga took the group on a tour of three facilities on Suita Campus: the Institute of Laser Engineering, the Research Center for Ultra-High Voltage Electron Microscopy and the Research Center for Nuclear Physics. They also had the opportunity to visit the Life Sciences Library and they seemed very interested in what they saw.

    (Photo: At the Research Center for Ultra-High Voltage Electron Microscopy)



    Demo lessons were given by Prof. Tanaka, Assoc. Prof. Kamatani and Prof. Umakoshi. There were a number of students eagerly asking questions after the demo lessons, which showed how motivated they were by this experience. Each student was presented with a certificate of completion at the closing ceremony. A farewell party was held at a restaurant in the evening.

    (Photo: During a demo lesson given by Prof. Tanaka)


    (Photo: During a demo lesson given by Assoc. Prof. Kamatani)


    (Photo: During a demo lesson given by Prof. Umakoshi)


    Although this was only a week-long program, we believe that it proved to be significant in promoting the double degree program. Reading over the surveys that the participants took, it seems that they were not only motivated by seeing all the advanced research facilities but also moved by the people and culture of Japan, which made all of our efforts worthwhile. It is our wish that this program and what was achieved will help in furthering exchange between Japan and Vietnam in the future.