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A Visit from a group from the University of Brawijaya (Indonesia)

We had the pleasure of welcoming a group from Indonesia's University of Brawijaya, led by Prof. Imam Santosoto (Dean, Faculty of Agricultural Technology), who visited the Graduate School of Engineering Science on October 17, 2022.


Prof.Imam Santosoto and Prof. Wada

After a brief introduction by Prof. Umakoshi (Vice Dean), they discussed the progress made in ongoing academic exchange between the two universities.

Brawijaya_2.jpgFrom left:Dr. Widya Dwi Rukmini [Head of Department (Biological Sciences・ Engineering)], Dr. Asmaul Mustaniroh [Head of Department (Agricultural Technology)], Prof. Teti Estiasih [Vice Dean (Academic Affairs)], Prof. Yusuf Hendrawan [Vice Dean(Student Affairs)], Prof. Imam Santoso (Dean), Prof. Wada (Dean, Graduate School of Engineering Science, OU), Prof. Matsubayashi, Prof. Umakoshi, Dr. Akhmad Adi Sulianto (Head of Department (Biosystems Engineering))