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A Visit from University of Toronto (Canada)

We had the pleasure of welcoming Prof. Milos R Popovic, Associate Prof. Kei Masani and Assistant Prof. Luka Milosevic from University of Toronto, Institute of Biomedical Engineering on March 15, 2023.

In the meeting with Prof. Wada (Dean, Graduate School of Engineering Science), Prof. Umakoshi (Vice Dean), Prof. Nomura, Assistant Prof. Matija Milosevic, they discussed the progress made in ongoing academic exchange between the two universities.

Toronto.jpgFrom left: (Back row) Assistant Prof. Luka Milosevic, Associate Prof. Kei Masani, Prof. Milos R Popovic, Prof. Wada, Prof. Umakoshi (Front row) Prof. Nomura, Assistant Prof. Matija Milosevic