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A Visit to Mahidol University (Thailand)

On August 18, 2023, a faculty member of our graduate school (Prof. Umakoshi, a vice dean) paid a courtesy visit to the faculty of Engineering (with inter-faculty MOU), Mahidol University in order to discuss the future academic exchange (DDP), international collaboration, and industry-university collaboration with faculty members including Dr. Pattaraporn Posoknistakul (Deputy Dean in charge of international exchange and general affairs) and Dr. Soracha Dechaumphai (Deputy Dean in charge of academic affairs). Prior to that, he visited the department of Chemical Engineering and discussed with Dr. Wanida Koo-amornpattana (Department Head) and Dr. Pattaraporn Posoknistakul (Deputy Dean) about how to promote academic and research exchanges in the field of Chemical Engineering.

Mahidol1.jpgFrom Left:Dr. Sakhon Ratchahat (P.I.), Dr. Rojjalak Chuckpaiwong (Deputy Dean), Dr. Jetsada Arnin (Deputy Dean), Dr. Korporn Panyim (Deputy Dean), Dr. Ronnachai Sirovetnukul (Deputy Dean), Dr. Soracha Dechaumphai (Deputy Dean)、Prof. H. Umakoshi (Vice Dean), A. Yokota (CEO, Sumitomo Heavy Industry Thailand (SHI-Thailand)), Dr. Pattaraporn Posoknistakul (Vice Dean), Dr. Theeraporn Rubcumintara (Adviser of Dean), Dr. Pipat Weerathaworn (Adviser, SHI-Thailand), Dr. Soontaree Intasaard (Researcher, SHI-Thailand), Dr. Teraphan Ornthammarath (Head of Department (Electrical Engineering))

Mahidol2.jpgFrom Left : Dr. Soontaree Intasaard (Researcher, SHI-Thailand), Dr. Chularat Sakdaronnarong (P.I.), Dr. Pattaraporn Posoknistakul (Vice Dean), A. Yokota (CEO, SHI-Thailand), Prof. H. Umakoshi (Vice Dean), Dr. Wanida Koo-amornpattana (Head of Department (Chemical Engineering), Dr. Warangkana Pornputtapitak (P.I.), Dr. Sira Srinives (P.I.), Dr. Sakhon Ratchahat (P.I.)

※ Please refer to the Mahidol University website for details (external link)

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