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A Visit from University of Indonesia (Faculty of Engineering)

We had the pleasure of welcoming Prof. Heri Hermansyah (Dean, Faculty of Engineering), Dr. Muhamad Sahla (Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering) from University of Indonesia on September 14, 2023. After the signing of the inter-faculty agreement, a meeting was held with Prof. Wada (Dean, Graduate School of Engineering Science), Prof. Umakoshi (Vice Dean) and Ms. Endang Ciptawatithey (Lecturer, Univ. Negeri Malang). In the meeting, various opinions were exchanged on future student exchanges .

indonesia_2.pngFrom left: Prof. Sakai, Dr. Muhamad Sahla, Prof. Heri Hermansyah, Prof. Wada, Prof. Umakoshi, Ms. Endang Ciptawati, Prof. Deguchi

indonesia_1.pngProf. Wada and Prof. Heri Hermansyah