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A Visit from Kyung Hee Univeristy (Republic of Korea)

The Graduate School of Engineering Science was truly honored to welcome Dr. Hahn, Kyun Tae (President, Kyung Hee University), Dr. Kim, Yoon Hyuk (Dean, Research Affairs), Mr. Kim, Dong Joon (Director, Strategic Planning Team, Office of Planning and Coordination), Ms. Kim, Hyeran (Director, Office of International Affairs) from Kyung Hee Univeristy on October 19, 2023.

After the signing ceremony of the interfaculty agreement, a meeting was held with Prof. Wada (Dean, Graduate School of Engineering Science), Prof. Ogata (Vice Dean) and Prof. Umakoshi (Vice Dean). In the meeting, discussions were centered on the unlimited possibilities contained in this agreement for our two universities as well as various opinions on future academic exchanges.

1000005652.jpgFrom left: Prof. Umakoshi, Prof. Ogata, Prof. Wada, Dr. Hahn Kyun Tae, Dr. Kim Yoon Hyuk, Mr. Kim Dong Joon, Ms. Kim Hyeran

P1030228.jpgFrom left: Prof. Wada, Dr. Hahn Kyun Tae, Dr. Kim Yoon Hyuk