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Students Visit from the Univ. of Malaya and Mahidol Univ. (Sakura Science Program)

Ten participants (9 students, 1 faculty member) from the Univ. of Malaya (Malaysia)(*) and Mahidol University (Thailand)(*) visited our graduate school from November 30 to December 5.

This visit was an invitation event organized by the "Double Degree-linked Fundamental Engineering Frontier-Nano Program" adopted by JST Sakura Science.

Participants actively participated in various events, such as (1) Frontier-Nano Lecture (on-line/on-site), (2) Frontier-Nano Lab. Visit, (3) Tekijuku Special Lecture by UC Davis Professor, (4) exchange session with Japanese students, and (5) individual discussions with OU professors.

(*) Both University of Malaya and Mahidol University are schools with which our graduate school concludes a Double Degree Program.

20231130_1.jpg We have just arrived at Osaka Univ. !!

20231130_2.jpg Photo session after multicultural exchange among Japanese students and professors, and students from Univ. of Malaya and Mahidol Univ. Big smiles with "Kyun (heart-shaped)" pose !!

20231130_3.jpgA modern-day lecture by UC Davis Professor (left) conducted in the "private place of learning" founded by Koan OGATA in 1838. Just Like "Koan OGATA" and "His Disciples".